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thezenmaestro 07-27-2018 01:47 PM

ADA 60p - Where to get in GTA
When I migrated to this country, few months ago, I thought I'll give a pause to my planted tank hobby for a year or so. Well, I couldn't wait for too long so got got this 10G starter tank from pet-smart. I intend to keep everything low tech (for the time being) and would want to scale up gradually.

The Top-fin tank is kinda okay and doesn't give enough room to add a new light (already have Current USA Freshwater Pro Plus and Finnex Ray 2 with me). Besides, I miss the rimless feel a lot. Since I don't want to keep spending money on random things (like the 60 I wasted on the Top Fin), I want to go ahead with the ADA 60p straight. Don't prefer a bigger tank.

Couldn't locate any online shop which sells ADA (or something similarly graded) rimless tanks. Any pointers about the source and pricing?

TLDR: Where can I get ADA 60p and at what price, in GTA?

Aceman21 07-27-2018 02:56 PM

Check out Iím pretty sure they carry Ada tanks. Big als also carries a rimless tanks now too. Also there are fireaqua tanks that are really nice, youíll find them in the Markhamn/ Scarborough area fish stores

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