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andco 11-28-2012 02:12 PM

Corals, 40 gallon tall + sump + refugium

I have a wedding coming up in July and have come to the realization that I need to raise some additional funds. It is difficult to put this tank up for sale, but I could really use the extra funds. I have made a video during feeding to see everything working… sorry some of the corals are closed as they were being fed clyclopeeze and microvert.

The entire tank has tons of night life as well… nothing is left over to rot. The sand is full of great organisms as well

****Click here for the video***

40 gallon tall:

- Wood Stand
- 250 Watt Metal Halide with additional fans (practically zero heat exchange down to the water)
- SeaClone 150 protein Skimmer, Aqua Clear 300, 2 gallon refugium
- 10 gallon (above tank “sump”)

Fish aren’t for sale as I am not selling the Marroon. I have had him size 2006. Blue Damsel can go in another tank, and the Coral Beauty I will sell once everything is gone.


- Carpet Anemone ($40)
- Green / purple Chalice ($50)
- Large Finger Leather (attached to large liverock with hundreds of polyps ($80)
- Multi-colour frogspawn on lava rock ($40)
- Multi-colour frogspawn on base ($30)
- Pink-tip green hammer coral (1 large (8+heads), 2 med (4-6 heads) ($50, $30)
- Various live rock with tons of Mushrooms, polyps and one of the hammers is glued to it ($45 or $75 with the hammer attached)
- All other live rock will be $3/lb

Discounts for multiple purchases, I must sell the corals prior to anything else.

$1000 for everything in the video (except the fish and clam)

Pick-up in Bowmanville



andco 11-30-2012 09:55 AM

Anyone interested? Seems like GTAA is suffering the same fate at Pricenetwork.

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