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Originally Posted by Chris S View Post
Not being an expert on shrimps at all, I offer my two cents here:

After like the 267843th generation of my cherries breeding, I have all kinds of crazy ass looking cherry shrimp. I have some that look almost brown and have no red at all anymore, I have some that have a dark BLACK line down their back, I have some that still look normal, I have some that look oddly pink and I have ones that look almost exactly like the ones you have there.

If you were to ask me, these are just cherry shrimp with some different colouration on them.

Again, I'm no expert, just speaking from four years of horribly inbreeding cherry shrimp. Please correct me if you think I am dead wrong
Your dead on my friend, continuous interbreeding will result in color morphs however to make them breed true and difference in coloration, you will need to go the extra mileage to selectively breed them. The browns and blacks are wild type. The orange is a color morph. But to get the yellows, greens and blues theres another trick in the bag for you to get to that point and from that you selectively breed them to get it pure. However the fire orange I'm speaking of is a neon orange thats solid, not patchy clearish.

Here's a sneak peak and I will be taking clear macro shots once I have a bit more time.
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