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Originally Posted by Prodicus View Post
One comment on this nicely written thread:

You mention the low-maintenance (low to moderate light) option on the
first post, but the rest of your posts are mostly applicable to the high-
tech or medium tech option.

You won't get 30 ppm CO2 in a low-tech set-up, and you really don't need
to add supplements to a low tech set-up.

For a low-tech set-up, all you really need apart from your light is proper plant choice and lots of patience.
Second this. Is it possible to start a thread on low light set up? I'd love to hear a talk on this but my current tank has only been running for a few months and I'd prefer not to appear an expert on this subject yet.
There's tonnes of advice out there on how to crank the lumens, CO2 and ferts but what about people who are stuck with the notion of obtaining equilibrium in a tank without outside intervention (read: maintenance)?

I have an old 17W bulb in my 33 gal tall -extremely low light apparently although it gets a bit of indirect sunlight as well.
I have pretty minimal problems with algae-just enough to keep my snails/grazers happy, and my corkscrew and jungle vals grow like weeds in there, as does my taiwan moss carpet (I wouldn't mind them growing a little LESS often, haha).
I do nothing for my plants (not even significant water changes) except trim off any dead/decaying leaves...but as i said after only 3 months on it, I'm not yet comfortable enough to post something saying "low light, no maintenance CAN be done in a planted tank". But would love to hear others' adventures in low light....
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