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Arrow New shipment of marine fish ready for sale Saturday May 25 at 10am

New shipment of marine fish ready for sale Saturday May 25 at 10 am

Here is the list of what came in


Angel Zebra Swallow (Male)
Angel Regal (S/M)
Harlequin Tusk (S/M)
Shark Banded
Tang Mustard
Moorish Idol
Tang Powder Brown
Tang Pacific Sailfin (M/L)
Anthias Lyretail Pink (Male)
Clown Tomato Red /Black
Blenny Mandarin Green) (M/L)
Tang Flame Fin Tomini (S)
Wrasse Temmicks (Male)
Wrasse Katharine fairy
Goby Diamond Orange Spot
Goby Bullet-head
File Leatherjacket
Grouper Asst. Spotted
Rabbitfish Double Bar
Blenny Scooter (M/L)
Anthias Blue Eye (Female)
Clown Tomato Red
Clown Maroon (S)
Trigger Clown (T)
Wrasse Twin Spot (Juv)
Wrasse Carpenter
Eel Snowflakes
Clown Maroon (M)
Wrasse Pentail fairy
Tang Phil. Yellow Tang Juv.
Angel Lamarck (M)
Wrasse Red Coris (Adult)
Chromis Blue-Green
Chromis Ylw/Blk & Gold
Damsel 3-Stripes
Damsel 3-Spots (Domino)
Damsel Pink
Damsel Talbot
Damsel Blue Finned
Damsel Sgt. Major
Damsel Lemon
Clown Ocellaris (S/M)
Blenny Tail Spot
Goby Firefish
Wrasse Cleaner
Cardinal Assorted Stripe
Goby Engineer
Blenny Salarias (Jewelled)
Dottyback Strawberry
Goby Yellow Watchman
Goby Purple Fire (S)
Shrimp Cleaner Skunk (M/L)
Green top (crown) Snail
White Whelk Snail
Tube worms Asst. Color
Feather Duster
Shrimp Banded
Crab Sallylightfoot Running
Shrimp Marble Pistol
Starfish Choc Chip
Shrimp Tiger Pistol
Anemone Long Tentacle
Shrimp Sexy
Anemone Bubble Color
Crab Red Stripe Hermit
Anemone White Sebae
Anemone Red Mat
Tang Phil.Yellow Tang (Adult)
Angel Japs Swallow (Fem)
Angel Coral Beauty
Tile Goby Blueface (M/L)
Tang Blue Dott Naso (M)
Sweetlips Spotted Grunts
Wrasse Exquisite
Butterfly Red Checkered (M)
Butterfly Raflesii
Parrotfish Green
Squirrel Fish Big eye
Sweetlips Spotted Grunts
Tang Half black
Wrasse Blue-Sided Fairy
Puffer Yellow Bellie
Puffer Long-Spine Porcu. (S)
Heniochus Singular (S)
Wrasse Red Fin Fairy
Hogfish Diana (Juv)
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