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Thanks for the reply, here is the slightly more detail version of the tank info

Used to be around 17 peacocks, now at 5
peacocks, 2 had, 3 blue botia, 1 feather fin cat.

Added about 10 fish a week ago(totaled around 21 inhabitants) mostly peacock range from 2-3 inch

Tanks been running for 2 month now, it used to host 6 mid size bichir and 10inch Oscar, with the cat and botia, then I took them out fine tune the water parameters to fit the African cichlids then after 2days everything checked out I put in the cichlids.

The first few day they were doing ok then I slowly added more. Check water parameters daily. And I also dose seachem stability daily to help out

Water change are scheduled Automatic changed, sourced from heated and treated(seachem prime)

No new decor

Symptoms consist breathing heavily, some stay at top some at bottom not moving much, not eating. similar to an ammonia burn, but as far as I can tell .25 isn't that deadly especially with the amount of water exchanging through auto water change

Since yesterday I up the auto water change to 5 gallons per hour. Still my cichlids are dying

I am going to grab a kit to test Hardness and alkalinity level, don't have the tools on hand atm

Nitrite n nitrate n pics, I will test n send them once I get home.
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