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Default Blue Rams (Mikrogeophagus.ramirezi) Log

Brought this lil guy home yesterday and acclimated him to my 20 gallon breeder (which is currently housing my female GBR and female EBR). Trying to grow some clippings from my main tank as well (Java fern, narrow leaf ludwigia, and Hygro.polysperma)
Immediately after introducing him to my tank, the 3 fish began a flirt-fest and the new male paired off with my female GBR. Fast forward to this morning, The pair has cleaned off a piece of black slate, and the male has dug a pit. The female's egg tube in starting to extend, and she's beginning to get plump.
Happened to snap a few quick shots with my phone. I apologize for the poor quality, bad lighting and algae growing on my tank walls (camera couldn't focus). I will get better pics, once I've done some maintenance on the tank and relocate the lone female EBR. Pics really don't do justice for the pair, the colours and finnage on the male are really stunning in person. Love how high the male's dorsal ray extends, can kinda see it in picture #2 & 3.

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