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Originally Posted by blackninja View Post
Just as well you are a student. You had me worried when you started thinking of pinkbarbies and teenage girl cybre bullying on a fish forum. Odd here bae post seems to contradict what you are saying. It is not I who gets upset but others when they trip. How are they personal insults when it is direct quotes from bigfishy on this very GTA forum. If people are insulted to have what they said read back to them don't you think they should not say those things because it can come back to haunt them. This is cyberspace kid.
ok mr.pinkbarbie since everybody needs to clarify everything for i am a student of UofT telling you, an adult who is acting like a baby, that it is not normal to try and fill the void that once was your self-confidence through this act of immaturity.

i am done with this, if you're going to act immature and pretend like you didn't know what I meant by "pinkbarbie" and "teenage girl cyber bullying", or try and rearrange the meaning of it, or if you didn't truly understand then please reread it carefully, it is written in plain English. A kid in grade 4 would've understood who the comments were directed to.
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