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Originally Posted by mousey View Post
Interesting article. Thanks. I have had a number of fish from this chain die. Used to keep tropicals and could never get the fish to last much longer than 3-6 months. Most of them got saddle back. Have had a variety of fish from Big Als over the years. Some have been great and some have carried disease that has wiped out a 20 gallon tank of tropicals overnight! Seems to be the luck of the draw so to speak.

However I am not real happy at my goldies dying as they are living creatures too.
As much as big als can be great for hardware/dry goods they seem to absolutely suck at keeping a decent stock of healthy fish. I used to buy my fish from them but after having most die from issues outside of my control within months of bringing them home I can't support them anymore.

I've found the smaller LFS nearby have less quantity but enjoy a better quality of fish than the chain stores.
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