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Ryan there aren't a lot of breeders of Bettas out there, only because it is terribly time consuming to raise them and you don't always get the quality of the babies you thought you would. Difficult to duplicate the water parameters of the breeders in Thailand here.

They have access to warm soft water, live mosquito larva, fresh rainwater to help clean jars out, and they breed by the hundreds+ so can pick the best fish in any spawn.

I bred 4 times successfully, had over 50 offspring in mason jars that needed changing every day to help them grow for 4 months, the end result was neither finnage compatible with the parents, nor the same colors. IF you don't know the background of the fish you are breeding you cannot effectively predict what colors the offspring might be, and even then you can get surprises.

Out of the gorgeous Platinum white dragon butterfly HM male pictured below x Gold platinum HM female, I got the following:
White with red, Gold platinum, red with white, silver with red, black with red, some were dragon gened some weren't.

He was also the most lovely natured male I have ever had the pleasure of owning...gentle with the female, very enthusiastic dad, would pick up all the babies in his mouth, swish them around to clean them, then let them back out again. I kept him with them for a month, then raised them in jars and eventually sold them/traded them.
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