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ML warranty is a bloody joke and only applies if you use a ML Cabinet. Other than that, you will be SOL should you run into issues within their warranty period.

With ML DD's, cut out the inside corner seam and get as much of the residual silicone off.

Install bottom EB and 10mm x 10mm square glass rods for the vertical seams. This procedure will give added silicone-glass bonding surface area.

IIRC, they use 12mm glass that is just shy of 1/2" and a calculated safety factor (SF) of 1.2. Legally and engineered within safety tolerances PROVIDED that the stand and floor are dead nuts plumb and level and no bounce from live loads.

Going up to 5/8" glass, SF is around 2.0 +/-0.2 factoring live load.

When dealing with that volume of water, you want a higher SF and use GE SCS1200 nor Dow/Momentive RTV 100 series as they are "structural silicone" vs "general purpose" GE1.
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