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Introductions & Greetings New to GTA Aquaria? Introduce yourself and get to know other GTAA'ers here.

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Default My gift horse ahem aquarium...

Back in college, a few more years ago than I care to remember, I used to have a 60L tank with platies and a bristlenose pleco. I had to give them up when I moved overseas to finish my studies.

Lately though, I'd been plotting to get another tank, start some plants, get it going and get some fish again.

For some reason, I mentioned this to my dog walker. Who, as it turns out, was "gifted" a tank by her brother a year or so ago. (And a boxful of Guinea pigs, but that's another story).
She was more than happy to pass it on to me. (I said no to the rodents).

I agreed to come pick up the tank, 20 gallon she said, that weekend.

Friday afternoon, she sends me a text, the tank was cleaned and the fish ready for transport.

I hadn't even gotten my stand ready.

She sent an image of the fish (9 guppies and a "catfish" in a little plastic bowl, asking if I thought they'd be ok overnight.

No idea. [Wth were you thinking?]

I went to buy food, water conditioner, and because I'd read so much about it, a bottle of cycle.

First thing in the morning, I went over to pick up those poor things.

Only to find out it was a 30 gallon tank, that wouldn't fit on my stand.
And she'd been kind enough to wash filter gravel and tank for me. Thoroughly.

I threw an air stone into the bowl, filled a 5 gallon tank I had won in a raffle and planned on making a terrarium with some of the gravel and water (I was shocked to find it actually held water) and added conditioner and a helping of nutrafin cycle (at that point I was very glad I'd bought it...). Running the HOB filter off the 30 gallon tank.
An hour later I moved the fish over, gradually swapping the water in the bowl with that in the tank.

Anyhow. One guppy couldn't get off the ground. Swim bladder I figure, he died the next day. The others were fine. (Still are, actually).
I was worried because 9 guppies, a clown pleco and a mystery snail would bee too much for that size tank on a good day. With a cleaned filter and substrate, that was asking for trouble. So I did a 50% water change every day.

I got a water test kit and a tall-ish 30 gallon tank a couple days later. Did the whole switcharoo again. Surprisingly though, the ammonium and nitrites were at zero. Even in the small tank. Nitrates were high though. Seem to be high out of the tap, actually (is that an oakville thing?).

Now I have a very empty tank. And a whole learning curve ahead.

Off to do some reading. I'd like to make (3d print) some in tank foam & bio filters, change out the substrate, plant a lot of stuff and then maybe get some more fish....
Oh, and I have a piece of driftwood soaking, ready to be boiled (if I can find a pot large enough 😉 )
Fun stuff....
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tom g
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Default Welcome

Sounds like you are on a great start
Look forward to some pics when u are
90 gallon reef ready tank ...

hippo tang , yellow tang, 1 damsel ,flame hawk (favorite ),watchman goby ,harlequin star fish (hides boring ) bi -color blenny,cleaner wrasse , bengai cardinal,twin spot goby, mandarin .
sand sifting star fish ,
elusive marine betta(MIA - shows him self periodically -boring )

in progress TBA.....project tranquility ............

90 gallon dual drilled tank with sump
vertex 100-in
2 - evergrow leds ,dual t5 48" aquatic life fixture
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