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Store Profiles & Reviews Your favourite stores reviewed by the GTAA community. Please keep all reviews constructive and inline with forum rules!

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Old 09-26-2010, 10:05 PM   #1
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Default A & G Pets

Any feedback on this store?

Ang Pets
2555 Erin Centre Blvd
Unit 1&2, Mississauga, Ontario
L5M 5G9

John or Kathy (is listed on thier business card)


M 10:00 - 20:00
T-F 10:00 - 21:00
Sa 10:00 - 18:00
Su 11:00 - 17:00

NB: No driveway access from Erin Mills. You have to drive into the small street to access the place. I thoguht I'd mention this as the road is partitioned with an island so unless you wanna test your shocks or 'beach' clearence doing a U-turn you'll end up being forced to drive whole block down the road before coming to the lights to make a turn back. Trust me... I know.

Quick review.

I stopped by enroute to Hwy 403 and this store caught my eye. Thinking of giving the turtle locally then having to drive it all around I stopped by. The store has seperate in/out doors when you show up. I entered and looked around. It had the usual small supply of fish accessories but thier smallest AC unit was AC30 for $39.99. I checked the fish. They have guppies, goldies, a small selection. Off the top of my head with my eyes closed now I think they had about 12-14 tanks in there. The store is rather cramp. I mean you'll be giving someone the front or back rubbing I would think if you're passing them in the fish/reptile area if the store was busy. They did have dogs in the back. The store had this PJ's Pets feel to it in that is catered to a wide variety but mostly popular fish and nothing special. They did not even have otocats there. The puppy section had me really think of a puppy mill op going on but those little guys had me stopped there with thier yipping and whining as I was melting by thier cuteness.

I assume I spoke with John as he approached me after I checked out the store section a bit then asked me if he could help me while checking me out. It was a neutral greeting to a potential customer but it seemed he picked up quickly I was not a rookie fish keeper with my asking of some fish questions and stock he had. I explained my situation of the turtle and he said he does take in sometimes but he had to check some inventory or space or people first for a delay is what I got from that convo which went by fast but ultimately he was not taking them in due to the size. I felt a bit of a shift from his feel talking to me when I mentioned doing the responsible thing about looking for a LFS and how I already checked with friends to house the turtle and mentioned the caption comments in Ciddian and a few other people's image of the turtle and the age/size and commitment which he gave a glance to some families by the puppies looking at the fish like I was spoiling business by giving away that secret that they don't stay small. I only checked the fish/reptile/puppy section. They have a few dogs that I'm not sure if they are beagle/bassat (sp) hound mix or such with those tri colors. I think it was a lizard or gecko he had by the goldfish (bighead/brains goldie) area.

That fish/reptile area is on the left side of the store. THe puppies and cat (possible cats as I did not really check out the rest of the store) was at the back of the store. I did notice some pet toys which possible are bird toys or dog/cat toys with the rope knots thing. I did not inquire about price matching but asked otocinclus which he thoguht I was talking about chclids but when I mentioned otocats the guy got what I was talking about. He did mention his stock changes from time to time. Floor space is that of a deluxe petrol stations (ie: the new Esso bars) give or take a little bit more room. It had a neighbourhood PetValu feel to it that it felt like the neighbourhood stop off and resupply store feel. I thanked the man for the help and went on my way.

At the time the store had about 10 people in about half small kids so moderate traffic. I did not get a pushy feel to buy something in the store. I think the guy I spoke to knew from what I was asking that I had experience and did not get a sales pitch and we understood each other feel. I left after asking for a business card with a neutral feel to come back and explore a little more of the store if not just to see those dogs again (awwwwww...*melts*). Price wise on the only thing I remember is the AC30 which is ~$35.99 where as www.mops.ca is $31.58. I don't know the area but there was a large mall across the store called 'Erin Mills' something which I did not have time to check and see if there was any competition around. I do know Wallys was at Square One and thier pricing is good on things but other then that it seems like a little tuck away store.

Want to buy:

-Lid for Hagen 5.5gal that uses screw in CFL bulbs. PM me if you have one. (Jan-21-2010, will remove when I've found one)

Too frigging hot!! You heat fans enjoy it while you can. Can't wait till fall and winter. :boiling:

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I drove this store a few weeks ago while looking for some food (human food). I didn't get a chance to stop by and check things out. I might check it out some time in the future.

Btw, what's Wally's?
32 Gallon
- 4 Guppies
- 3 Angelfish (Toonie size)
- 2 Horned Nerite snails
Lightly Planted 10 Gallon
- 6 SS Crystal Red Shrimp
- Guppy grass
- Java moss
- Hyogrophilia
- Cabomba
Lightly Planted 10 Gallon 2
- Cardinal tetra fry
5.5 Gallon Fry Tank
- Guppy fry
- 20+ Red cherry shrimp
- Many pond snails
and then there's the other 18 cups of baby bettas and a few 1Gs with adult bettas

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george will become famous soon enough

Since I lived in that area I did stopped a few times at ANG. John is not Frank's, that's for sure but he is a good guy. He's not going to ask you to leave if you are just looking. He will get you the fish you wanted and if you become a regular customer he will give a 10-25% discount. And he exchanges the fishes without much questioning if they have any problems. And sometimes he does have good deals compared to other LFS. By being a small store, don't expect a Big Al store or any other corporate LFS.

It's his small store that he's taking care for years and years.
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Old 09-30-2010, 07:51 AM   #4
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funny you mention Ang Pets. I live close by there and even after all these years, I never dropped by. lol

The mall across the street is called Erin Mills Town Centre btw. Far as I know, there's no pet store inside there.
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Old 10-20-2010, 01:38 AM   #5
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I went to Ang's a couple days ago for the first time. I've passed it tons of times before but never noticed it lol. Anyways they have some fish you'd definitely never see at a Petsmart. In fact they had Koi angelfish. I needed an angel for my tank, and a Koi angel would be perfect. In my dismay they had none left, they were all sold out I don't blame them though, it was an amazing deal on Koi angel's. They were around $10-$14 each for one that would be half a hand size. The only angel they had left was a Blue Blushing hybrid (was mixed with something else). He looked active and healthy so I purchased it. Once in my tank the angel wasn't shy at all. In fact once it was feeding time it came up for the food instantly and without hesitation. It's been two days and the fish is active and has found its niche in the tank, I'm guessing it's good stock. So I definitely recommend the shop for purchasing Angel Fish. Might even pick up a Koi angel when they get some more.
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