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Marine Photography Show us your stuff! Post pictures of your tanks here.

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Old 03-09-2017, 08:43 AM   #41
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Matthew is on a distinguished road

Thought you might want to see some of your old friends...
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twobytwo is on a distinguished road

Thanks Matthew! They looks great and happy.

I picked up this pair over the weekend. Im so excited!

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Well it's been many months... So I'll do a mega-update. I've added some setups and things, so follow along.

First, the Display Tank (120G):

Current livestock are Harlequin Tusk, Bird Wrasse (m), Yellow Blotch Rabbitfish, Hawaiian Black Trigger, Pair of GoldStripe Maroon clownfish, Dusky Wrasse, Sixline Wrasse. Theres a couple snails and hermits that have survived the predators and there is a tiger tail sea cucumber. I had a white short spined urchin but i moved him to my frag tank after him moving corals around stopped being cute.

I still use the same light (Maxspect Razor R420 320w) but I had one of the four fans cease up, so I had to replace it a couple weeks ago.

I replaced my return pump. My Waveline DC4000 suddenly had reduced power one day. After all the troubleshooting I could do (cleaning, resetting the controller, etc) I replaced the impeller for $50. Came home and the pump had the same reduced power. So, instead of paying for a new controller or other bits until it was fixed, I just picked up a Jebao DC6000 from Kraken when they closed. OMG this pump is a million times better than the Waveline, the one negative being only having 6 levels of power control VS about 11 with the Waveline. But its nice the Jebao has a screen on the intake, the wavelike didn't have that, and the Jebao power supply runs SO MUCH COOLER. The Waveline was always burning hot. Like, I can't touch it, boil an egg - hot. The power supply on the Jebao never gets worse than a tepid cup of tea. It's really nice.

For other equipment, I have 2 TLF 150 reactors running GFO and Carbon. I'm running my TurboTwist 6x UV and added a DIY algae reactor, running opposite of my lights. I added a 3 channel doser, withers Aquaforest Component 1+2+3+. Right now, I'm doing 20ml every 12 hours. I was doing 20ml every 8 hours but my parameters are good so I'm trying to cut back as I cut off the Kalkwasser that I use in my ATO. I also have 3Lb of Siporax in the sump and my skimmer, CADlights TIA 1220 finally found the sweet spot and is producing consistent skim.

As of 2 days ago, my tests show: 1.026, ph 8.31, temp 80.7 (I turned the AC off for the weekend and it got high so I turned it back on.... it's back to the normal 78.3). Cal 510, Mag 1500, Alk 9.128. Nitrate are 50 and Phos 0.101ppm - Phos is usually lower, It's time to change my GFO. I've always had high nitrates but I usually show 0 Nitrite and 0 Ammonia, so I'm not worried.

I had some issues with Cyano for a couple months, but after a few ChemiClean doses, it seems to be gone for a few weeks now. I have an infestation of Red Planaria... I've been vacuuming them up each night into a filter bag, but when I don't do it for a few nights, they would come back in full force. I've been putting off using FWE but it looks like their numbers are actually dwindling. The Dusky wrasse and Sixline just came out of QT 2 nights ago so I'm hoping they'll clear out any that remain.

Phew... ok i think thats it.

Oh no wait, I got rid of a narrow lined puffer a month ago because it was eating corals. and only the nice once. He had good taste.

Here's some pictures:

OK, Coral QT Tank...

It's basically a 20 Long with a black box led above it on a timer. Ive got sand and some rocks, an Aquaclear 30 just with a sponge and some filter floss, and a small jebao circ fan. I put my shortspined urchin in there a few nights ago, and behind the rocks is a Reef Lobster.

Clownfish tank

I set up this tank for this pair of Frostbite clowns to mate in. So far, no luck, but i keep playing Barry White hoping it'll happen soon. Runningg an aquaclear filter and a bubble stone. I'm considering getting a skimmer for the tank to keep the water cleaner than the filter can do.

Here's a video of it all:

And - one more tank. Currently cycling. What could it be for???

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Crayon is a splendid one to behold Crayon is a splendid one to behold

Nice update Noah! Tanks are looking great.
A couple things to add: don't worry about the planaria. Your wrasse will take care of it and fewer chemicals is always better.
If you don't want to deal with sea horse babies, just get two boys, or two girls.
The new sea horse tank will need an auto water change and skimmer. They are very sensitive to dirty water.
And you know anytime you're in the area, stop by. I have frags you can have........
Lots of temporary tanks waiting for renovations.....
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Rookie2013 is just really nice

i must call you tank master. .the fishes r awesome...
Ash aka Rookie

New IM50 Lagoon Build:

17G Fragtank Build and my DISPLAY Thread:
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