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General Freshwater Discussion For all topics relating to freshwater fish to the in's and out's of maintaining a freshwater tank.

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First the quick answer:
You can feed the pellets as is, or crush them and make a gel food if you want, and i am not sure about the frozen cubes, it would work in my aquarium i am sure, dont know the details of yours. The pellets should be superior to the flakes for reasons mentioned lower.

Now, the boring long answer, in case you got nothing better to do:

I handfeed my goldfish homemade gel food. My gel food contains different vegetables, such as Kale, Brocoli, Green Peas, Zuchini, Wheat Germs, Spirulina, Garlic, etc... No matter what you feed them, once they finish eating it, and then they will eat your duckweed too during the day. People will normally tell you duckweed is more a treat than main, but it depends on the quality of the main food. I grow my duckweed in my 10gallon shrimp tank, and not purposefully for the goldfish, but it turns out well actually, as i would have too much otherwise. Wont give enough for all my fish for the whole week.

You can probably start feeding those other fish food you mentioned as is, and the goldfish should eat it and be "happy". If they get picky with the food and start flipping over, you can put them on a more vegetarian diet (or completely). Just remember that hand feeding and sinking food is better, so they dont get too much air while eating, and thus stomach problems. Thus your existing sinking pellets is in my opinion better than the flakes. If you train your goldfish to hand feed, you can feed them on green peas one of the days. Some goldfish will eat right away though, mine were picky untill hand fed. you put the green pea in a jar with water for 10 minutes to soften them, peal off the skin, and hand feed each goldfish. Some people will fast their goldfish for one day each week after the green pea day to get their stomach cleaned up. Personnaly i think the less commercial food the better, but some are higher quality than others, such as you new life spectrum, which i used to feed the goldfish specific type untill i started making my own gel food. As my aquarium is heavilly planted, the mess doesnt stay for very long, specially as goldfish are vacuum cleaners anyways.

But each fish is different, and system as well. Planted tank with sand substrate helps with the "mess"... But you got to be carefull not to overfeed too much and get carried away, and check the water quality every so often.

Good luck
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