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Introductions & Greetings New to GTA Aquaria? Introduce yourself and get to know other GTAA'ers here.

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Default Intro and LF Info!

Morning All!

Much like many first timers my kids were gifted a feeder goldfish (aka $0.20 should-be-gone-in-5-months-max) by my inlaws about four years ago that's still going strong. It was just upgraded to a bigger tank and after doing some research into getting rid of algae...and being successful...apparently that means I'm now responsible for the fish. LOL

I'd like to get some fish that I'll actually enjoy looking at in a second tank. We've tried to put some other fish with Goldie and he's just too aggressive unfortunately. He's happy with his two snail buddies and I'm happy 'cause those snails help keep his waste down.

I'm looking for info on what to buy. I don't mind buying used, provided it's by a seller who's been here for a long while. I'm a member of a few other hobby boards so I've unfortunately learned the hard way not to buy from new members. I'm also not willing to buy fish stuff off Kijiji as there's no way to provide feedback on those and you never know what you're going to get.

Ideally I'd like to get a 35+ gal freshwater tank, with a nicer looking stand for all the equipment. My plan is to add real plants and fake decor. I am new to real plants and I've tried to pick some that seem to be geared more towards beginners like myself. So far, I'd like the following:

Java moss or java fern
Maybe anubius

Here's where I'm just not sure.

I know I want a BNP as I think they look awesome and I appreciate their cleaning efforts.

I also know I want shrimp. Ideally Amano...or blue bolt. LOVE the colours of the blue, just not sure how good at algae cleaning they are and I know the Amano's are the Kings of Clean. Also not sure how many I need. I've read lots of information that Amanos tend to do better in groups of six, is that accurate? What about blues?

Male Guppies or Neon/Cardinal Tetras for mid school. I love the way the colours pop on both these fish. Open to other ideas here too, just remember colours!

Something for showcase/pop? One or two of something that sticks out.

Thanks in advance for all your feedback!


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Eats plants too
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Welcome to the forum!

I'm sure that others will have a lot to say, too, but if you're thinking of buying a complete setup for your new tank, see if you can figure out what you'd like, including heater, lights, filter, substrate, etc. before Boxing Day, because a lot of places like Big Al's have their best sales of the year on Boxing Day.
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Default welcome

welcome to the forum , this forum use to be amazing lots of member inputs when help needed , kinda gone by the wayside lately , lots of info on here i suggest u go thru the previous threads from the befgingn u will find some good info . planted tank forum is another great one . good luck and dont get too frustrated with the site it really was a great one . there are still some of us ole timers here
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