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Planted Tank Photos Let's see what you got! Show off your tanks here. Tank journals are encouraged!

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Apologies for the least photo-heavy thread in the planted tank photo subforum!

A week and a half after the latest shipment, all the plants are doing well except for the Bolbitis ferns, two of which have green hair algae infestations that I have to pick off around twice a week. Everything else is producing new leaves. My catfish is doing fine, the butterfly fish are growing (and one that I thought was the smallest female is actually showing itself to be a male), and the ctenopoma in the main tank continues to be a jerk towards the butterfly fish.

The new little ctenopoma quickly got over its rough first day in the quarantine tank and started to eat -- and eat and eat and eat. It grew a lot in just a week and a half and appears vigorous and healthy. For various reasons I needed to move it to the main tank ASAP, so as soon as the lights went out in the main tank this afternoon, I did a 25% water change and then transferred the little one in. I also changed 50% of the water in the quarantine tank and left its filter and heater running, just in case.

Unsurprisingly but unfortunately, the bigger ctenopoma has been a jerk to the little one, following it around, feinting at it, shaking its head at it and showing it its pelvic fins. The little one also showed its pelvic fins. Within an hour of being in the new tank, the little one was hiding in a corner just over the gravel and breathing heavily.

I had to take out all the driftwood to catch it, but I did catch the bigger ctenopoma and moved it to the quarantine tank. Obviously it is not thrilled, but this should give the little one some time to find its groove in the bigger tank.

I hope it won't be a jerk.

I will be contacting the store tomorrow to see if they will take the jerk ctenopoma back.
48 gallon: 1 Megalechis thoracata (hoplo), 2 Ctenopoma acutirostris (African leaf fish/leopard bush fish), 3 Pantodon buchholzi (freshwater butterfly fish)
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