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Equipment Discuss your salt water equipment needs here.

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Originally Posted by wtac View Post
If you have a parts list for the job, you can either go to JJ Downs in Etobicoke or Fabco in in the Woodbridge area. They have both grey and white pipe and fittings. Solvent, primer, and clear PVC, JJ Downs.

If you have other questions, I find JJ Downs a "friendlier" place to shop. Fabco has a clinical vibe where it's strictly business, order, get your stuff, pay and go.

Clear PVC has a hazy tint and not crystal clear like acrylic. If you are OCD like me, algae and calcerous growth in the transparent pipe would drive me crazy .

Though the pipe has print on it, its on one side so when you glue the pipes together, make sure the print is faced away from line of sight. If in future you want a splash of color on the pipe, get "vinyl wrap" from a print shop and apply it to the pipes. Change color, change the wrap .
I am OCD that's for sure. I will not go with transparent PVC pipe then. You brought a very important factor to consider.

Where do you buy your vinyl wrap for this purpose?

I don't have the list as I don't really know what I need in term of the names for the parts. I know how the look like so that's how I am going to shop for the parts just by looking.

Now in term of their sizes, what size I need to go for PVC piping, unions, and valves? Schedule 40 or 80 for the piping? how do I know which size of unions, fittings, and valves I need if I go for either schedule 40 or 80?
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wtac has a brilliant future wtac has a brilliant future wtac has a brilliant future wtac has a brilliant future

You can get vinyl wrap from a sign print shop. There are YT vids to apply it, rubbing alcohol to clean the surfaces, spray bottle of water and spray on surfaces to make positioning easier and a plastic card, like an expired/unused bank/CC/membership card to push the air/water bubble out for a smooth finish.

Easiest way to determine parts is to draw/map out the plumbing runs. Use straight lines for the pipe run and every bend a fitting (45* or 90* elbow).

Places that you want to disconnect and reconnect is a union. Flow control a valve. On/off/half way a True Union Ball Valve (TUBV) and precise flow, a gate valve.

SCH40 is all you need for cabinet to aquarium plumbing.

Sizing you match up with the size of bulkhead. Reducing to match pump output diameter, reactor input diameter, etc. Here's where it can get complicated with the various types of reducing bushings to meet the "termination"/end run. Ie, MPT-barb, SPIG-FPT reducing bushing, SOC-FPT reducing bushing, adapters, etc.

Either we can help you with a parts list here or you can go to JJ Downs with your plan and the guys there will help you with what you need based on your plumbing diagram and supporting equipment..they are AWESOME that way!
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