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  1. Planted Tank Photos
    Hello, thought I would show off my first tank which is a 10 gallon planted tank. I have an Ehim 2215 on it.(I know over filtration much). I used apa first layer and some other planting gravel on top. Can't remember the name it. I use Flourish daily(1ml), sorry if I gave to much info didn't know...
  2. General Freshwater Discussion
    hey guys, I recently got a new 10 gal. tank and i am unshure what to put in it. please comment,what should i do!!! here are some options i was considering. 1.plecos and/or catfish 2.guppie/platy(breeding) 3.pirhannah 4.pea puffers 5.chiclids...
1-2 of 2 Results