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75 gallon
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  1. Hardware and Dry Goods
    I am looking for a 75 Gallon tank (48"L X 18"W X 21"H) in Burlington. It’s for a fresh water set up. Looking for a tank that is not drilled, in decent condition, no major chips/scratches or leaks, some minor scratches and imperfections are fine. Glass lids and non-painted back preferred...
  2. General Freshwater Discussion
    hey guys... i got my 2nd planted 75g going smoothly and i currently have 17 neon tetras and 9 pink danios... i would like to stock as many tetras as possible and MAYBE get a couple more danios... i also have 4 albino corys waiting their turn(will be putting them in last) and red cherry shrimp...
  3. Sold / Expired
    WOW! That was faster than I thought!!! SOLD PPU ** keeping open until deal is completed ** having recently picked up yet another tank (while my 125gal has been sitting empty on my living room floor) the wife freaked out and told me i had to get rid of a few things. :P here is what i have and...
  4. Sold / Expired
    Looking for good condition tanks (size as title says) for my fishroom. Please contact me if you have anything. Thanks
1-4 of 4 Results