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  1. Freshwater Livestock
    $20 Mature males - these guys are entertaining lots of character. Text 647-470-3955 for quick response
    $20 CAD
  2. Freshwater Livestock
    5$/inch of fish 20$ mature males 15$ mature for females 2$ fry Beautiful pundamilia Nyererei African cichlid from lake Victoria
    $20 CAD
  3. Freshwater Livestock
    Hap 1 x male Protomelas taeniolatus (red empress) 7’’ $40 1 pair of Copadichromis borleyi (redfin Kadango) 6-7’’ $50 for the pair(1 male 1 female) 1 pair of Nimbochromis venustus (giraffe cichlids) 6-8’’ $60 for the pair(1 male 1 female) All about at their full sizes (12 months old)...
  4. Freshwater Livestock
    Yellow tail Acei 2.5'' fry Already coloured up Raise in local city water (treated of course) 1 for $6 3 for $16 5 for $22 I will not be venting them, so you will have a mix chance in terms of getting a male/female I will bag them but just in case of leakage, please bring your own container...
  5. Freshwater Livestock
    Selling some placidichromis jalo reef cichlids. 3" coloured males $30.00 each 1" f1 fry from my wild caught group $5.00 each Picture of breeder male note for sale. message if interested. Pick up in Mississauga
  6. Sold / Expired
    Selling a group of juvenile Yellow lab Cichlids, sizes varying from 3/4 of an inch-1.5 inches. There are about 20+ yellow labs very healthy active guys, feed Northfin, zucchine, and cucmbers Actually have one holding eggs atm! Asking $35 Price is firm ( about $1.70 each so please understand)...
  7. Freshwater Livestock
    Have 8 Lamprologus Caudopunctatus for sale, six of which seem to be paired off... Selling this aquarium early this week so would like them all sold asap... They're all about 2" - 2.5" and have bred a few times already.. A great dwarf Tanganyikan cichlids, will breed in shells of caves, max...
  8. Freshwater Livestock
    I have 10 young Ruby Reds available. The males when mature and kept in good conditions should look beautiful orange-red, with some blue on the face. The fish are now about 1.75-2,75". Most of them are about 2 or bigger. Some started to colour up. I see at least 3 males in this group. 3...
  9. Sold / Expired
    Please see my new ad. These were high quality red Ruby Red peacocks after all. 3 coloured up males were sold. I still have 4 young fish left. ----------------------------- Guys, I am lowering the price to only $20 for these males since I need tanks space. I think it is a very good price for...
  10. Cichlids
    I wonder why it's taken me this long to give this a go. The fish seem much more happier and act more natural with the 3d background, and aesthetically it looks much better than a flat paper background... I think it'll look nicer though when the algae starts to grow on it ... I have changed...
  11. Freshwater Livestock
    I'm shutting down my african tank to start up a south american tank so I have a bunch of stuff for sale... Wild caught pair of Champsochromis Caerelus 8" $120/pr 2 Male Milomo VC10 4" $25 2/$40 1 Red Eureka pair (m+f 4") $45 3 Juvenille Tanzania Phenochilus (1m 2f) 2-2.5" $50/3 1 Male...
  12. Freshwater Livestock
    I know they're pretty rare but has anyone seen one of these? Would love to get my hands on one.
  13. General Marketplace Discussion
    20% off on ALL Northfin Premium Fish Foods at FINATICS AQUARIUM from December 7th - 8th! We are now on Facebook & Instagram! Please follow & share. Facebook: Instagram: Cheers! FINATICS AQUARIUM 6200...
  14. Sold / Expired
    I got Adult African Cichlids for sale. All are 5 inches and over. Pair of blue dolphins. 1 Huge Male. Pair of Sulfurheads. 1 male Sunshine Peacock. 1 possible male German Red Peacock. 1 Strawberry Peacock $40 for all of them. Pick up only. Thanks.
  15. Introductions & Greetings
    Hello everyone! New to the forum :) I've been keeping fish for about 15 the last 2 or 3 I've been keeping solely African Cichlids. I have one 100 gallon tank and a 30 gallon tank that I keep running but with no stock in it. I recently installed a 3D Background in the large tank and...
  16. Cichlids
    In a 72 gallon barebottom tank. I just pushed all the gravel forward just for the hell of it. Fluval 405 does the job with 50% water changes every 2 weeks. When I have time I do more but that's the average lol. 5 blue dolphins 1red zebra 1 yellow lab 1yellow tail acei 1afra cobue 2 German...
1-17 of 22 Results