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  1. For Sale Chaeto Algae

    Saltwater Livestock
    Softball size portion of chaeto for sale. Teeming with amphipods. Roughly half the size of the portion shown in the picture. Located in Milton. 10 bucks or open to some kinds of frags.
    $10 CAD
  2. Catfish
    I have a problem feeding my Sail Fin pleco. I bought the largest Algae Wafers I can find (about the diameter of a Quarter) and that wafer don't even make it half way down the tank before one of my red parrots takes the wafer. I've tried Zucchini, cumbers, carrots even. All of them cut into...
  3. Salt Water
    Hi, been fighting this for about a 2 months now and i'm in need of help on how to eliminate this problem. I been having this string like web growing from my rocks and seeing slime on my nylon socks filter. I've been doing 20% changes almost every 10 days, adding macrobaria 7 and i can't seem...
  4. Saltwater Livestock
    Hi! Looking for some macroalgae for an invert brackish tank. :) Tank is about 5 Gal and I don't require too much. Looking in GTA, Mississauga/Scarborough areas. Any comments or advice is also appreciated :) Thanks! :D
  5. Hardware and Dry Goods
    * Aqua UV sterilizer 15-watt "Advantage" model (hang on back version) * Brand new in box * Can be used for fresh or salt water tanks * Excellent unit - have used this model in past and it's been the best of all models I've used (including Turbo-twist, TMC Vecton and Green Killing Machine) *...
  6. General Freshwater Discussion
    Hey I have my lights on a lot and theres a lot of light so I'm assuming that was the issue but I'm not sure. you can see my goby in one of the pics, there seems to be a lot of string algae coming off the walls and the wood. the blue green seems to be covering the moss. Im planning on getting 2...
  7. Beginner's Circle
    Worm like algae or detritus on new driftwood. I just set up a Dirted Tank, and there are these brown worm like pieces of algae or detritus. NOTE! : THE WORM LIKE THINGS AREN'T ALIVE AND CAN BE RUBBED OFF, BUT WILL COME BACK AFTER A COUPLE OF DAYS. It is also on my larger leafed plants: amazon...
  8. Plants & Cultivation
    So I've had the plants for a few months in a community tank and they've grown a lot (shooters and all). However, green hair algae started growing on the leaves and now some bigger leaves are melting and some others have brown blotches on them. Could it be the lack of light since algae grew on...
  9. Hardware and Dry Goods
    1) ADA Aquasoil Amazon (1 bag new and 1 bag approx 3/4 left), Aqua Soil Powder (Little more than half), Power Sand S (2 bags, each more than half) - $SOLD 2) Seachem Florite Black (2 bags - new) - $SOLD 3) Twin Star Algae Inhibitor (Used one month) - $60 -> Reduced $45 4) ADA Supplements (Most...
  10. Freshwater Livestock
    Anyone selling/ know best place to buy nerite snails?
  11. Plants & Cultivation
    Hey guys I have a few issues the first being im seeing algae (looks similar to bba but not occurring in clumps) its killing off lots of leaves on dwarf sag, and starting to affect amazon sword. My second issue is im seeing alot of die back on my dwarf sag, leaves yellowing. None of my plants...
  12. Freshwater Livestock
    BN Plecos for sale (regular fin brown) 1.25" + size 5 for $10.00 Minimum 5 2" - 2.25" size 3 for $10.00 ALL Large SOLD Minimun 3 40+ available. Quantity pricing available above 20 Grows to a maximum size of 4-5" long, females a little smaller. BN Plecos are better algae eaters when they're...
  13. Freshwater Livestock
    Hi all, I'm looking to add some shrimp and 3-4 oto's to my low tech planted tank, and thought I should check on this forum before heading to a LFS. Please reply here or pm me, with your cost, if you can help. Looking for any kind of shrimp (not ghost) and preferably Oto's or something else...
  14. Saltwater Livestock
    I have some periwinkle snails to give away. I kept them in a 10 gal tank to cycle the tank but have too many for the tank. Any other creatures or algae plants are much appreciated. I'm located near Dufferin and Wilson.
  15. Saltwater Livestock
    Looking for any kind of red Macro algae...Please let me know if you have some you could trade for a frag or cash Thanks!!! Cheers
  16. General Freshwater Discussion
    In May I moved to a new apartment with lots of light. My tank is now being exposed to lots of ambient light during the day, in spite of my blinds/drapes being closed. This caused green dust algae to take off. This week, in an effort to control the amount of light my aquarium received, I made...
  17. Beginner's Circle
    Hi everyone I am new to the forum. I need help for my 100g (i think) tank. I have 5 redcap goldfish and 3 neon tetra and few windelov Java fern. Bottom of tank is ~1" fine gravel (5-8mm) a marineland 400 filter. I had clear bottom before and every thing looks ok. After I add the gravel in the...
  18. General Marine Discussion
    i have some built up algae inside my tank on the glass i was just wondering if there was a way to clean it up.. the fish are still in my tank so i need something to use that is fish and coral friendly.. any help would be awesome
  19. Invertebrates
    I have a 10g guppy tank that I set up a year or so ago. I put Ada Amazonia in and some crypts and Taiwan moss. I also added 2 good size granite rocks. The light is a 18" regular fluorescent single bulb, so not a lot of light. After the aquarium settled, Black Beard algae, a.k.a. BBA, crept in...
  20. DIY
    I've got an EHEIM Professional 3 - 1200 XL - 2080 canister filter, for my turtles in their 300 gallon tank (no fish are in this tank). Anyways, I've done water changes & changed the filter media. But today I noticed the tubes have become significantly clogged with algae (and other waste). I...
1-20 of 30 Results