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  1. Freshwater Plants
    Looking to rescape soon so selling some stuff in here.. Mini Pelia Around $10 per portion Subwassertang $10 per portion Trident Java Fern $25 Buce Mini Coin (large clump under java fern) $40 Anubias Nana Petite $10 per portion Blyxa $10 Hygrophila pinnatifida $10 per portion Rotala...
  2. Freshwater Plants
    Hey everyone, just rescaped the tank so i'm left with lots of extra plants. Generous portions for a great price. I can combine portions if needed. Pickup is recommended @ 403 & Erin Mills. Plant List: Monte Carlo x 4 portions $5each Needle Leaf Java Fern x 4 portions $20-10each Trident...
  3. Freshwater Plants
    Selling large Anubias plant on drift wood, it's healthy and grown in a CO2 environment but would still thrive without CO2. Measures about 12' X 14" Asking $180.
  4. Hardware and Dry Goods
    Anyone interested in this package? 7gal cube from AI Driftwood Anubias Narrow Leaf Java Fern Sand AC20 Filter (i think) Finnex Fugeray LED 10" Can also include snails+shrimp for + $225 If not, will part out. Will throw in freebies.
  5. Planted Tank Photos
    My lowlight minimalistic 7g cube:
  6. Sold / Expired
    Ay, 1 bunch of Bolbitus 4 bunches of Anubias Nana 1 bunch of Anubias Nana Petite 3 bunches of Anubias Nana Gold All plants are super healthy, algae free and snail free. The chapstik is there for size comparison. Each bunch is attached to a small lava rock containing multiple individual...
  7. Sold / Expired
    Breaking down tank sale All plants came from this tank: Anubias Nana Petite-Healthy plants ranging in size $40 Java Fern(most is narrow leaved) $25 Driftwood with Narrow Leaved Java Fern tied to it (Driftwood is in eheim aquastyle 16) $25
  8. Toms Fish Inc.
    Got sunset Hygro,star grass, HC, java and taiwan moss, hornwort, cambomba, mini water lettuce, bacopa, drawf hair grass anubias nana and petite, duckweed the red bottom greater kind. Prices start at $0.50 up to $5 depending on size and type but good sized portions. I always give extras. Deal...
  9. Sold / Expired
    will meet up tomorrow??
  10. Sold / Expired
    Looking for different varieties of Anubias. Currently have Nana and Barteri. Interested in other species. please let me know if you got one for a good price