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  1. Freshwater Plants
    $30 - Stem plants package Approximately 3" in length after clipping for most mid ground and back ground stems plants. Pick up in Mississauga (L5M6Y9). Ludwigia Inclinata White x 5 Ludwigia SP Red x 6 Limno Aromatica x 3 Limno Aromatica Mini x 3 Mermaid Weed x 2 Persicaria Sao Paulo x 3...
  2. Freshwater Plants
    Check the pictures for the buce species and price. The ones without the names are theia 3. Discount for orders over $50 Pickup at 51 times ave (Thornhill) or 2620 Danforth ave (Toronto). Delivery for an extra charge and need to pay in advance. Please text 4379806301 for more info
  3. Freshwater Plants
    Please look at the pictures for their names and prices. Text 4379806301 if you would like to buy any Pickup at 51 times ave (Thornhill) or 2620 Danforth ave (Toronto)
  4. Buy, Sell & Trade
    $10 for a generous handful. Helps take up the nitrate and other harmful substances in the water. Pickup at 51 times ave (Thornhill) or 2620 Danforth ave (Toronto). Text 4379806301 for more details
  5. General Freshwater Discussion
    Text me 4379806301 if you have any rare anubias and cryptocoryne. Looking for crypt spiralis tiger, crypt albida red, and anubias nana "pinto" in particular. Please let me know. Thanks.
  6. Freshwater Plants
    Pick up only. See this website for prices and availability. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to private message me :) gtabreeder. weebly. com (remove the spaces) Also, all my plants might have some snails on them even when I will do my best to remove all.
  7. Freshwater Plants
    I was wondering if anyone is getting rid of or selling any Jungle Val (Vallisneria americana gigantea) for a reasonable price. I have gone to several aquarium stores with no luck. I'd prefer to travel within Scarborough, Pickering or Ajax. I'm looking for a decent portion but if the deal is...
  8. Freshwater Plants
    Hygrophila polysperma for sale Hi I got alot of Hygrophila polysperma for sale. Some are over one foot tall, $5 for big portion. Please see my other plants in my other post if you want other plants.
  9. Freshwater Plants
    This is a great background or middle ground plant. Fairly easy to take care of and will do well with normal aquarium lights. I can grow 20 cm or more depending on the aquarium conditions. The roots and leaves have been trimmed down so that they will grow fresh leaves. They are approximately...
  10. Freshwater Plants
    Thanks for all the interest. Hope everyone is enjoying their plants. List updated. Pickup in Mississauga @ WC & Derry, evening or weekend or Etobicoke @ Royal York & Bloor area, M-F 10-6 daytime. PM me with your wish list, quantity & preferred P/U location See My Plants here. Or Google...
  11. Sold / Expired
    For those of you who are wondering how to grow amazing plants in a sustained environment, these ferts is one part of the big picture. These bottles are formulated to do EI dosing, or modified weekly dosing. 500ml pump bottles Type: Micronutrients and Macronutrients Dosing: Estimated Index...
  12. Sold / Expired
    Potted aquatic plants and moss..and fertilizers I have these plants growing in 3 inch pots with stonewoal and ferts. They are in immaculate condition with great root condition. Grown in CO2, controlled fertilization and good lighting. The photos attaches are my own as well. Please only call...
  13. Planted Tank Photos
    So here we go, This tank is located at my new clinic at 8500 warden ave. The clinic is called Form & Function and we have chiros, physios, naturopaths, nutritionists, laser therapy, acupuncture, sports rehab and foot specialist for orthotics. This tank is located inside a brick vinear wall at...
1-13 of 13 Results