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  1. Ajax
    Located in the Ajax region, selling lots of plants like Java Ferns, Anubias, Vallisneria, Pearl Weed, Rotala and all sorts of stuff. Prices start at just $2.00! Shrimp - Fire Red Cherry Shrimp / AA Sakura, selling for $1.00 - $5.00 a piece.
  2. Buy, Sell & Trade
    So my fish are at my ex's. they are the coolest lol not just saying that i can pet my weather loaches. anyways she cant change the water for some reason so they are dieing off. i got 4 weather loaches, a pleco, chinese algae eater, couple cory dorys, 2 black skirted tetras, 3 glo fish, 3...
  3. Buy, Sell & Trade
    Looking to sell some bristlenose plecos What I have available: -L144 Blue Eye Golden Yellow Bristlenose pleco fry, will be selling them for $5 each or buy 4 for $20 get one free Various sizes available, no picking will try and pick a mixture of sizes. About 1”+ in size Meet up only at Esso...
  4. Hardware and Dry Goods
    46 gallon bowfront tank, 36" long, 16.5" wide in the middle and 12.5" wide at the sides, 21" tall. No cracks but needs to be resealed. I've already done the most time-consuming part of the job and removed the inner silicone seal before I decided to get a slightly bigger tank. Top trim has some...
  5. Hardware and Dry Goods
    Light unit is 36” and has support arms that can expand to about 50” 3 years old 2 units $15 each
  6. Buy, Sell & Trade
    ALL SOLD, THANK YOU FOR LOOKING For sale, 50 gallon aquarium and relevant gear. All used and functional, unless noted. 50 gallon tank with lid: $50 Eheim 200W Heater: $20 AquaClear 110 with new sponge: SOLD Coralife CFL fixture--NOT WORKING, MIGHT NEED NEW BALLAST AND/OR BULB: $10, free with...
  7. Hardware and Dry Goods
    Drop off style, 20 gallon, acrylic aquarium, comes with filter sock and a small pump. Looking to sell today. Purchased for $410 and ran it for around 6 months, looking for around 180 OBO. Let me know if you have any questions. Mississauga just off the 403 Winston Churchill exit
  8. Hardware and Dry Goods
    25 Gallon All In One (AIO) fish tank with three filter compartment and pump built in Price : $80 $99 Size: 60 x 40 x 38 cm or 24” x 15.75” x 15” inch This is a nice fish tank with three good size filter compartment built in. I used one for mechanical and one for biological filter media...
  9. Hardware and Dry Goods
    I have a new fluval spec 5 gallon tank. New, unused, still in the box, etc. I am asking $100 for it. I can throw in some extra gravel as well! Thank you.
  10. Hardware and Dry Goods
    The worlds smallest aquarium with sump filtering and lighting. Specs: Tank Dimensions: Main Tank: 13*7.5*8cm Sump base 13*7.5*7cm (L*W*H) Lighting system:FULL LED Light (3 steps: 3w ~ 10w Water Pump Power: 0.5w Super Silent Water Pump (110 Litre/hour) Main Tank Volume:<= 780ml Sump Filter...
  11. Freshwater Livestock
    WTB Looking for Long Fin Super Red Bristle Nose Plecos
  12. Hardware and Dry Goods
    A little noisy sometimes but in very good condition otherwise. Asking $40 or best offer.
  13. Hardware and Dry Goods
    I have a 25g cube and would be interested in upsizing. Hoping to find one of those older 33 gal FireAqua Starphire Cubes or something similar.
  14. Freshwater Livestock
    Have 5 Tropheus Bemba fish for sale $20 each. They are young adult - 4.5 inch. Very healthy and active and would be a amazing addition to any tank. Like any tropheus these do best being together as a group. Can do $90 for all 5. A very good deal since adult colored fish this size usually...
  15. Hardware and Dry Goods
    Tetra Whisper AP 100 air pump, bought brand new, used for 4 weeks. Selling because I need something bigger. $40 obo Text for quick reply 416- 662- 0075
  16. Equipment
    Custom made 150 gallons aquarium with solid wood stand. Aquarium, euro braces, overflow hole on the side. Dimensions: 48" long by 24" deep, 30" high. Good condition, used.
  17. Hardware and Dry Goods
    Hey guys, I want to buy a used 100 gallon aquarium & a metal stand to. I need it delivered to Niagara-on-the-Lake. Willing to drop $50 on delivery. Not interested in anything that's drilled or modified. I've only ever kept freshwater fish & turtles, so I don't think I need something that's...
  18. Hardware and Dry Goods
    Moving and decided to rebuild my system, selling spare equipment and tanks Lights 2x Nicrew 20-27’’ white/blue led light 11w $15each Wifi accessories d-link wifi water detector (batteries not included) $30 2x Wifi strips with 4 outlets $25 each AQlink A1Apex adapter for jebao to apex ect...
  19. Freshwater Livestock
    Got these fishes from a package when I bought a tank from a friend. All of them are healthy and have been with me for 3months now. As much as I love keeping them, they are just not the fish that I originally plan in keeping for the tanks. Oscar (about 9-10ins) - $90 OBO Yellow Labs (ranges...
  20. Hardware and Dry Goods
    **SOLD** Multiple Aquariums For Sale FEW TANKS LEFT. Thanks for the awesome responses! 3) .. 1x Black Metal Stands for the 120gal ... 64"Lx18"Wx28"H ......... $100 ea. (or $75 with the 120) 7) .. **SOLD PPU* 33 Gal Long w\brace ... 48"Lx12"Wx13"H ......... $90 very clean 8) .. 3x 25 Gallon...
1-20 of 37 Results