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  1. Plants & Cultivation
    So i have a pond with 20 feeder goldfish that i rescued from a local fish store, in that pond i have some frogbit. I recently saw some of the fish started to nipping the roots of the frogbit, will the forgbit survive in that pond?
  2. Beginner's Circle
    My 20g is almost cycled, so I'm researching fish. I've noticed that a lot of the standard beginner fish (various danios, rasboras, tetras, etc) have wide pH ranges they're comfortable in, but typically only up to 7.5 (with some only up to 7.0). I know that stability of pH tends to matter more...
  3. Plants & Cultivation
    Hi All, Sorry if I've posted this thread in the wrong place. Moderators please move this to a more appropriate location if required. I currently have a couple of established tanks. For the most part they are stocked with the numbers of and species of fish I am happy with. Both use rock and...
  4. Saltwater Livestock
    I have a bunch of Leathers That I want to give away but there is a catch... You must be new to the hobby or a beginner to keeping corals!! I want to help people who are new and don't know what, when ,where or who to buy from , it is kind of my way of giving back.. I also have 2 really nice...
  5. Beginner's Circle
    Should a QT tank be bare bottom ? I know I need a filter and heater for it (using filter media from an established tank, once I get to that point). Do I need lighting ? Air stones ? Bare bottom, or gravel or something like plastic fake grass ? Anything else I should think about ahead of...
  6. Beginner's Circle
    I am an adult but newbie for aquarium keeping. Have looked and watched several reviews on the brand name Fluval. One tank that seems like a good beginner setups was the Fluval Spec 19 L (5 US gal). I understand the bigger the tank the easier it is to take care of in the long term, so would this...
1-6 of 6 Results