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  1. Freshwater Livestock
    I have a pair of high quality red dragon halfmoon plakat betta for sale. They are the pick male and female from my recent spawn. Parents are high quality bloodline from Thailand. Here is a video of the pair (copy link to browser): Shipping available Fish are in Mississauga but can also pick...
  2. Freshwater Livestock
    I have a bunch of bettas that just came in from Vietnam. If interested feel free to call me at xxx-xxx-xxxx (Drew) A) Male Mustard $25 B) Female Ruby Red $25 C) Female Smokey Blue $15 D) White Female $12 E) Blue Female $12 F) Blue Male Butterfly $15 G) Dark Smokey Blue Male $15 I also have...
  3. Freshwater Livestock
    Incredible Giant Bettas for Sale! I have two beautiful giant hmpk for sale. They come directly from breeders in Thailand. Asking $100 each or OBO. For inquiries, please pm
  4. Freshwater Livestock
    Hey everyone, I just wanted to downsize my betta collection a bit and start to focus on fighter bettas, I have one male betta and one female betta for sale. My male is a Bi-Colour HMPK his colours are blue, pink, and purple.. He has a very good body form but has more of the long fin genes from...
  5. Freshwater Livestock
    This is a young half moon Blue Marble Butterfly Betta from Thailand. He's very active and beautiful. The colourabtion on the head and body is especially nice. He eats well and likes dry food too. $25
  6. Toms Fish Inc.
    Scientific Name Common Name Size(cm) Pcs/bag Price each pcs Caridina Catonensis Pinto (black, fine lines) max 10pcs $125 Caridina Catonensis Pinto (black, white back) max 10pcs $165 Caridina Catonensis Crystal Black Shrimp...
  7. Beginner's Circle
    Hey so I'm definitely a beginner when it comes to fish, and recently my friends got me a betta fish for my birthday. I personally don't approve of buying someone else a live animal because you never know if they have the time, money/resources, or knowledge to properly care for one.Escpecially...
  8. General Freshwater Discussion
    Hello, I'm kinda interested in maybe keeping a macro stoma bette so I was wondering if anybody out there has had experience with them and could let me know how difficult they are to keep? Thanks
  9. Freshwater Photos
    Hello there! This thread will be a primarily photo-journal of my betta fish, Dean, and my progress with his tank. Feedback and comments welcome! Dean is a blue mustard gas super-delta. These are some pictures from the first day we had him. (We being my housemates and I.) This was his tank...
  10. Beginner's Circle
    Hi there! I'm Sarah, I'm just getting into freshwater tanks. I spent about six weeks researching, and these are the specs of what I've put together since getting started: - A super delta betta named Dean (<3) - 5 gallon tank, with rim - 25 watt Hydor heater - AquaClear 20, baffled to within an...
  11. General Freshwater Discussion
    So, I've had my betta girls for a few months and never really thought much of their red eyes and paleness. They aren't completely white, but are definitely albinos, yes? Is this common? I just thought I was getting some local strange quality fish!
  12. Freshwater Photos
    My 10 Gallon Marble Halfmoon Betta Aquarium.
  13. General Freshwater Discussion
    I bought a lovely half-moon betta last week. Placed him into a planted Fluval Spec 3 that I'd been cycling for about a month. Yesterday I he wasn't interested in his food and this morning I noticed his fins are shriveled up. Almost like they were folded or you'd rolled them between your...
  14. Sold / Expired
    Hi there! I got some halfmoon girls who are sexually mature ready to go to good homes! Below are some pictures of a few of the variations I have with this brood. I have some twins and some similar looking ones in the main tank as well so there is more selection available. Remember that female...
  15. General Marketplace Discussion
    Hi, Does anyone know where I can purchase the New Life Spectrum Betta Formula in the GTA?
  16. Sold / Expired
    I'm selling the majority of my fish so I can focus on new projects - all fish are healthy and active and eating well. Trio of Half Black yellow tail Guppies (they have a few black spots on the tail). These are juveniles, there are 2 females and 1 male (the male is not sexually mature yet, the...
  17. Beginner's Circle
    Hi, My betta died this morning :( Everything was fine-I finally put him in the new 15g tank. I had bought 2 zebra danios, 4 harlequin rasboras and 3 dwarf frogs. When it was just the danios he kept hiding behind the plants. Once there was more fish he got more active and would come out more. So...
  18. Beginner's Circle
    I’m back! I have some Betta food questions. When I bought my Betta I was feeding him the crappy flake food that came with the bowl kit. The poor thing kept getting constipated and bloated to the point where he was floating at the top and swimming on his side. I thought he was dying. He had a big...
  19. Introductions & Greetings
    Hi everyone! I'm Olena. I've just started my first planted tank...not to mention my first tank EVER ^_^ Its 15gal and its going to eventually house my Betta who is in a tiny one right now. I'm looking forward to making new friends with the same interests as me :)
1-19 of 22 Results