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  1. Freshwater Plants
    FLUSHED For sale: - Blyxa jaonica, around 7 bushes - Ludwigia inclinata, approx 7 big stems - Ludwigia repens, several stems Can throw in some downoi too. Asking 15$ for the package. Pick up only at L4W 3P4 after 6PM.
  2. Sold / Expired
    Blyxa a bunch for $5 (12-16sterms) Glosso a bunch for $5 this is how many for a bunch minimal order $10 location: sheppard /kennedy @ scarborough also two fish tanks for sale 10gal with lid $15 each
  3. Sold / Expired
    Quick Sale - Super Cheap! Windelov Fern - $5 / big portion Java Fern - $ 4 / big portion Blyxa Japonica - $4 / portion Photos show: 1 portion of Windelov Fern, 1 portion of Java Fern , 2 portions of Blyxa Prices are low because I just did a rescape..Lots available!! PM me if interested...
  4. Sold / Expired
    Have ~12 big bushes of Blyxa for sale. Excellent condition. Most can be split into smaller. Asking 17$. Pick up in Etobicoke after 6PM or I can bring them in downtown.
  5. Sold / Expired
    Hi Everyone! I have some Blyxa Japonica, nice and healthy! I'm looking to trade it for the following, one or more: glosso HC cuba Downoi Please PM me if you're interested! Cheers!
  6. Sold / Expired
    Blyxa Japonica For Sale Large Stems Straight From My 39 Gallon (4"+ in Length... Refer to Images in my Signature Links for an idea of Sizes/ Widths) $1 Per Stem (A minimum order of 5 stems would be appreciated) Located In Burlington (Near Uppermiddle Road and Appleby Line)
  7. Sold / Expired
    I have a riccia mat that I have been growing for some time now. It is on a black mesh sized about 4" x 12", very lush and full now. I would like to trade it with some blyxa or downoi. Or I could also sell it if you don't have these plants. Feel free to PM me :)
  8. Sold / Expired
    Stem Cuttings: Star Grass (Heteranthera Zosterifolia) - $0.50/ Stem (~5" long) - Right of Center (Background) Mermaid Weed (Proserpinaca Palustris) - $1.00/ Stem (~5" long) - Left of Center (Background) Blyxa Japonica - $4.00/ Plant (~4" High / Tennis Ball Size) - Center Echinodorus...
  9. Sold / Expired
    I have a very nice riccia mat (about 4"x11" plastic mat). It is quite full and nice now. The plastic mesh is black so it can bend nicely onto a substrate. I would like to trade this for some plants that you might have: Pogostemon helferi Blyxa japonica or alternifolia Mini pellia Weeping...
1-9 of 9 Results