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  1. Hardware and Dry Goods
    Currently selling my used 75 gallon tank stand and canopy. Dimensions for tank are 48 x 19 x 22. Tank not included. Located in Mississauga. $200
  2. Hardware and Dry Goods
    Ideal size for my project is 30"L X 12.5"D X 13"H I need 2 of them to be used as fresh water aquariums - I can use glass lids, or canopys, stands as well and any kind of lights. Not so much other accessories as I have most things. I'm in Pickering and can pickup within 25 kilometers or so...
  3. Hardware and Dry Goods
    Hi Everyone, New around here and just getting back in the hobby since moving here a year ago. I've been lucky enough to have gotten my hands on 2 tanks which share a 24x12 footprint, however the one is missing a canopy altogether and the other one is a 2 part with lightstrip and canopy and...
  4. Hardware and Dry Goods
    Hey everyone! I was looking for a 150 gallon-ish tank with a stand and a canopy. The canopy is optional but the stand I need. Preferably drilled. Thanks!
  5. Sold / Expired
    I don't like the ones Big Als or PJ's had. I want something like this I want it for a 55 gallon and all the sites online don't ship to Canada:(
  6. Sold / Expired
    Looking for a divided hood or canopy for a 72 gallon bowfront tank. Tank was purchased from Big Al's and has a divider at the top for two separate glass tops or canopies. Please let me know if you have anything. Don't need the lights just something to keep it covered. Let me know or if you know...
  7. Sold / Expired
    Looking for a 20-25 gallon aquarium, canopy with tube lighting. Located in markham. Thanks
  8. Sold / Expired
    I am looking for a Glass Canopy for my Marineland Perfecto 28gal Euro (Bowfront) Aquarium. Whether anyone has one for sale or knows where I can get one any help will be appreciated... Got aquarium from friend and they said it broke :(
  9. Sold / Expired
    The following items are for sale. The tank, stand, and rock wall go extremely well together and formed the heart of my set-up that I recently took down. PLEASE NOTE THAT ALL PRICES ARE FIRM (UNLESS YOU BUY THE TANK WITH STAND THEN TAKE $50 OFF OF THE TOTAL - AKA. $450 FOR TANK + STAND). DO...
  10. Sold / Expired
    I have a 125 gallon tank on a custom built stand with canopy that is set up as a Southeast Asian River Biotope. It is absolutely gorgeous and I've spent over $5,000 on it over the past 3 years or so. Unfortunately, I'm moving to England and have to sell everything. I also have a smaller 35...
  11. Sold / Expired
    Mississauga [$500 OBO] - 48x18" Oak Colour Mission Stand and Canopy Bought for a friend but didn't end up wanting to use it. I'll even throw in a single tube 4ft fixture to go in the canopy. Fits any standard 48"x18" footprint tank. $500 Willing to trade or trade plus cash. Brand new...
1-11 of 11 Results