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  1. General Marketplace Discussion
    "Build it and they will come.....order it....and they will come....." An absolutely EXCEPTIONAL shipment of clams has landed. Exceptional patterns and colouration. These will be different from the cultured varieties and Tahitian varieties that reefers have seen in the past within the GTA...
  2. General Marketplace Discussion
    Aquatic Kingdom! Seeing how the previous shipment was SO successful......Daniel decided to bring in a 2nd round of Maxima Clams. :cool: Sizes again range from 2" - 6"+. Beautiful blues, Golds, Bronzes, Purples patterns. Even the occasional BLACK! Here are some eye candy pics. - Taken with a...
  3. Saltwater Livestock
    I have a maxima clam for sale medium size nice purple lips and blue highlights really defined hard to see in pic but really nice coloring asking 90 payed 130 for it i have 3 in my tank all are in excellent condition cane stop by any time to see I'm located In downtown core also open to trades...
  4. Marine Photography
    It was inevitable that this thread would be started..... I have enclosed both "Top Down" and " Front Side" views for comparison purposes. The largest of the clams in this collection has been with me easily for 10+ years. Enjoy? My largest Maxima, Arguably a Gigas: Gold Tear Drop Maxima...
  5. Sold / Expired
    Hi Everyone! I am very interested in buying a maxima clam. If anybody has a clam for sale at a decent price or knows where I can buy one that is not a big al's that would be great. I live in Brampton so the closer to Brampton the better. Any help is greatly appreciated :)
  6. General Marine Discussion
    Dr. Rick Braley of Queensland, Australia cultured, raised, and cultivated these clams 27 years ago for his Ph.D. . These have been hidden away and protected from prying eyes until now. Enjoy.....:cool:
  7. General Marketplace Discussion
    Just passed through Aquatic Kingdom. Worthy note: 2"-3" Maxima clams (Vanuatu). $34.99 Very nice patterns - some are 'tiger stripes/zebra stripes' others have some yellow/gold pattterns. :cool: Nice size and seem healthy (responding to light stimuli and have attatched foot.).
  8. Sold / Expired
    Healthy Purple Crocea clam. I've had this piece for almost a year now. I'm making room for some incoming new additions. Make me a reasonable (subjective) offer. I may deliver depending on my schedule.