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clown fish

  1. Saltwater Livestock
    Making room in my tank... Got 4 Flame tip anemones for sale. Each approx 4" in diameter when fully opened. The picture doesn't do them justice but selling for $50 each. Pick-up only. L4A 0M9.
  2. Saltwater Livestock
    Looking to trade my tomato clown and 3 stripe damsel for a ocellaris clown or two!
  3. Saltwater Livestock
    Just checking to see what offer I would get on my Spawning pair of Darwin clowns they lay eggs every 10-18 days I have had some hatch but never figured out how to raise them all the way yet!! Please make an offer we all know what a spawning pair is worth so please no low ballers!! I also still...
  4. Hardware and Dry Goods
    scroll to end to see what is left
  5. Saltwater Livestock
    I have Grape watermelon Chalice size of 2 toonies!! for $50 ( Cherry pick) you will not be disappointed, Red with teal stripe chalice Size of 4 toonies only $50 ( not sure of name but it is high end bought from Toronto frag show) , Hollywood stunner Chalice ( For super Cheap) $10 frags or...
  6. Sold / Expired
    Looking for a pair of Mauritian Clownfish (Amphiprion chrysogaster). Please PM with price.
  7. Sold / Expired
    SOLD! Picasso Clarkii Clown for Sale.....$50 obo This guy is healthy, eats like a pig, and is not shy. He is a little aggressive (like most clowns of this variety). I'm changing things up and staying with the percula/oscellaris body shape/type. He's approx. 2 1/4"-2 1/2". Originally purchased...
  8. Sold / Expired
    located at jarvis and carlton toronto pair of clown fish one orange percula one black and white percula-make an offer large monti pori confusia-sold Orange Acan Echinata acanthastrea-sold pink and purple birdsnest-30obo yellow with rainbow pulps birds nest-20 obo birdsnest tan pulps under...
  9. General Marine Discussion
    I have just spent the last few hours lying down in front of my refugium trying not to make any sudden movements. My Caribbean Sun Anemone (Stichodactyla Helianthus) has begun hosting my clown fish. The clown fish has started to bond with it. I had noticed the behaviour last week but hadn't paid...