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  1. Saltwater Livestock
    Hi, I am looking for a local breeder to purchase about 10-12 clowns from the same clutch. My first preference are mocha clowns, but open to other morphs and types as well. Thank you!
    $1 CAD
  2. Saltwater Livestock
    Looking for either a pair of small-med size Maroon White Stripes or Misbars. Thanks.
  3. Saltwater Livestock
    Free tomato clown. About 2 inches. Reason I'm getting rid of it is because it broke up with the smaller guy and a divorce was imminent. Currently living in my sump. Pickup downtown Toronto by the Women's college hospital. PM is key. Would like this gone asap.
  4. Saltwater Livestock
    As much as I love my pair of clarkii clownfish, they have outgrown my tank. Looking for a suitable home for them... at least a 55 gallon... looking to sell or trade for healthy fish suitable for a 25 gallon. The larger of the two is about 4.5", the smaller is about 2/3 the size. Very healthy. Cheers
  5. Saltwater Livestock
    Am toying with the idea of finding a new, bigger home for my two Clarkii clownfish. One is an adult about 4 inches. The other is a juvenile about 2.5 - 3". They like each other, are fat and healthy. Hardy eaters. Big personalities. Posting to gauge potential interest. PM only please. Cheers.
  6. Saltwater Livestock
    Small coral frags for sale Hey guys, I am tearing down my 10 gallon nano reef. There are a few small frags that I want to get rid of. Small frag of zoas about 3/4 long. $10 1 small head of gold hammer. $15 taiwan lime zoa. small frag. $10 Candy apple green paly small frag. $15...
  7. Saltwater Livestock
    Need to reduce bioload For sale or trade: 2 Lubbock Fairy Wrasse $30 each, $50 for the pair ~4-5" 2 Orange Ocellaris Clownfish $20 each ~1.5" and ~2" 1 Maroon Clownfish $40 ~3" All healthy and eating well Take all 5 for $120 Or Trade for SPS corals Added: Purple Tang for Sale $175 ~4.5"...
  8. Saltwater Livestock
    I'm looking for a pair of interesting captive bred Clownfish (Ocellaris or Percula); however, I'm not looking to drop a fat stack of cash on some rare morph. Toronto preferred.
  9. Saltwater Livestock
    Live sand $1 per lb for . Came from well established 3 year system. Mangroves $10 each, 3 for $25 tall and full of leaves. Pickup is preferred around Kennedy and 401 area. Delivery may be possible for additional charges. PM for details.
  10. General Marketplace Discussion
    Orange & White, Black & White, Black & Orange - Halloween Themed Event. Captive Bred Clownfish (Common and Designer) Have Arrived: Ocellaris - Standard Black Ocellaris True Perculas "Bullet Hole" - Ocellaris complex "Frostbite" - Ocellaris complex "Helmet Picasso" - Percula complex "Onyx...
  11. Fish and Coral
    Hi everyone, Im new to this forum and not exactly sure where to post/ask this question but nonetheless its about my clown and anemone. I have a small maroon clown thats been happily hosting a green bta for the last month and a half. He never leaves it but only to feed or to attack my hand...
  12. General Marketplace Discussion
    A large quantity and variety of captive bred DESIGNER clownfish have landed and are currently being acclimated to our systems. Snowflakes Black Ice Premium Black Ice Blacker Ice Black Snowflake Gladiator Wyoming White Flurry Extreme Black Misbar Midnight Domino Premium Picasso Onxy Onyx Picasso...
  13. Saltwater Livestock
    Hi i have a few items i would like to get rid of. heres a list. Fish: -1 Percula Clownfish. 30$ Will host anemones .. Currently upsetting a gonniopora. -1 Purple Bicolour Blenny with Yellow Forming on the tail. 40$ Coral Frags: -Radioactive Dragon Eye Zoas 2$ PP -Eagle Eye Zoas...
  14. Saltwater Livestock
    I have the following fish and inverts ready to go right now , for sale, There will be more to come once I sell the rest of the corals in the main tank and live rock so I can catch them.. These are what I can catch right now!!! Fish: Scopas Tang- medium size ( Very healthy, I have had him over a...
  15. Saltwater Livestock
    Taking down my tank, everything must go! - 1 Small bubble tip anemone $15 - 1 small green carpet anemone $20 - 2 small maxi mini carpet anemones $15 each - 1 Green star polyp colony $15 - Fluorescent green hairy mushrooms (about 10 on one rock) $50 - 1 Condylactis anemone $5 - 1 Sunburst pink...
  16. Saltwater Livestock
    Need gone ASAP one orange Ocellaris clownfish (little bit over 2"). Very healthy and eats everything. Asking $15 firm. Pick up around Markham Road/Major Mackenzie in Markham.
  17. Toms Fish Inc.
    The following available on special order will require at least one box, mixed and match, wholesale welcome. PM for details. Most are tank raised and aquacultured. Scientific name Common name Premnas biaculeatus Maroon Clownfish Amphiprion ocellaris Ocellaris Clownfish Amphiprion...
  18. Saltwater Livestock
    Fish gone. Please close thread.
  19. Saltwater Livestock
    I have a clownfish that I would like to sell or trade for any coral frags. Looking for $15 or frags of equal value. Location markham rd & major mack
1-19 of 25 Results