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  1. Contests
    Do you guys want to win a JellyFish Tank? I just hit 1k subscribers on my Saltwater Reefing channel and wanted to throw a contest as a way to say Thank You! Check out the video for contest details:
  2. General Marine Discussion
    Jiinxy is due with baby #3 anytime in the next 2 weeks. It's a perfect opportunity to run a frag contest! So let's have some fun and see if we can guess what day the baby will arrive. Here's how it goes: Entry fee is a frag or coral related gift card or item. Minimum value 20.00. One entry...
  3. Tank Threads
    Paradise Pico by Will Hayward Burlington Ontario Name: Paradise Pico: 1.5 Gallon Reef Aquarium: Dymax IQ3 Acrylic Tank Lighting: Rapid LED PAR30 (2CW,3B) Circulation: Dymax Power Head 200 Equipment: Marineland StealthPro 10W Filter-media: Floss, Purigen, Liverock Tools: Test kit...
1-3 of 5 Results