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  1. Beginner's Circle
    My friend and I went to a BA's for the midnight madness and she bought 3 Tiger Barbs. They all were doing great but in the last day the largest Tiger Barb killed the smallest one and just recently nibbled the fins off the other Tiger barb. I have Two questions regarding this: 1. How do I stop...
  2. General Marine Discussion
    I know it's usually not recommended but I have a bucket of sand that was from an existing system. It's been sitting in the bucket for well over a month now. Keep in mind I don't plan on using it in my tank because I've invested too much to risk it. Instead of just throwing it out, I would...
  3. Sold / Expired
    i currently have only 2 peices of dead coral left coral=8inx7in =$25 2.white coral=8inx5in =$20 3.7 beautiful shells =$20 or red coral,white coral and shells =$50
1-3 of 3 Results