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  1. Sold / Expired
    hi guys I have a eheim 2215 for sale only comes with a spray bar- NO hose,valves, intake asking 60$ OBO I have some other stuff like: gravel -blue and pink color (1 big pail) 10$ some plastic plant decoration and some stones 10$ pick up : East York - Victoria park & st Clair
  2. Sold / Expired
    NEW REDUCED PRICE!!!! I recently setup my first African mbuna tank. However, before I bought the fish I purchased two beautiful pieces of Mopani Driftwood. After learning that Africans really don't prefer driftwood I never ended up using it. I have boiled both pieces for 10 days and have...
  3. Sold / Expired
    Pick-up in Brampton. Broken slate in different sizes. These were originally natural slate floor tiles from Home Depot. Attached a picture of them in a basin, there's actually quite a bit, looks less in the picture. I broke them into pieces with a hammer to create the slate wall here to provide...