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  1. Planted Tank Photos
    Hey all! Wanted to start a tank journal for my Marineland 60 gallon rectangular tank (48x13x24). Not the best tank to have a planted tank with as it is so tall the light has to travel quite far and it is not very deep which doesn't give me much to work with depth wise. Anyway, bought it back...
  2. Sold / Expired
    I'm in the research phase of possibly buying a pea puffer for my 8 gallon tank. Is there anyone on the forum who keeps them that I could learn more from? Are there any hobbyists selling them here in the GTA, or a particular store I should visit? Your input is appreciated. :)
  3. Freshwater Photos
    Time to show off my tanks. Unfortunately i dont have a cord for my computer here at work so i cant add pictures today but i will tomorrow.. promise :P. Okay so me and my husband got into tanks about a year ago when we got a free 10 gallon. All we had were a few guppies, now that we know alot...
  4. General Freshwater Discussion
    Hey, Arya here :) Lately, I set up a 10G tank with an airstone and gravel and headed over to a LFS to grab some pond snails they had in their fish and plant tanks to feed my 2 DP's. I got about 30 of them, fed them amply with cucumber slices, lettuce, sinking shrimp pellets, vacation feeders...
1-4 of 4 Results