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  1. Plants & Cultivation
    So I am trying to mix my own ferts for the EI Method. I read here that Flourish Excel can be added to the Micronutrient mix to inhibit mould and fungal growth. So, following the formula based on this sticky here: I will be mixing 26.8 g...
  2. Plants & Cultivation
    So I finally got my dry ferts to start my EI method for fertilization. I noticed that I got container labelled as "Potassium Phosphate" Is it the same as Mono Potassium Phosphate? Thanks for any help :)
  3. Plants & Cultivation
    Where is the best place to get Fertilizers to do EI Method? I have a heavily planted 20 gallons tank with pressurized co2. The plants are doing fine but I want it to be more lush and produce more red or pink leaves. Thanks! :)
1-3 of 3 Results