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  1. Freshwater Livestock
    Just thinking about adding some diversity to the gene pool for my PFRs. If there is anyone out there breeding them please let me know! Looking for the HIGHEST qualities, preferably fully red even in light substrate. Willing to pay a lot of money for them but I can also trade mine if you want!
  2. Sold / Expired
    I have a batch of Red Cherry shrimps for sale. They range from juveniles to full grown adults sized shrimps. $1.00 per shrimp or 20 for $18 or 30 for $25 Potential customers can either pick up in the west end or I can meet up at a ttc subway in the downtown core. The pictures I posted are...
  3. Sold / Expired
    I'm looking for some real fire red male cherry shrimps. Please let me know if you have any. Thanks! ;)
  4. Sold / Expired
    Hi Guys! I'm looking for some nice and reasonably priced male fire red shrimps to accompany my 4 smoking hot female fire reds.. LOL Please PM me if you have any.. Thanks! :)
1-4 of 5 Results