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  1. Fish and Coral
    I bought a frag of this chalice but I don't know the name of it. It is more of a reddish brown and green color in person. Sorry I don't have a better picture. Please let me know if you know what this is. Thank you kindly
  2. Saltwater Livestock
    Looking to rehome some Rasta Frags (4-5 polyps on each frag). I have 3 frags available @ $30/frag. Location: Markham, ON
  3. Saltwater Livestock
    Hi, I have the following frags available for sale: Forest Fire Digi (2" frags) - $15 each Pink Yuma (2.5" wide) - $30 Miyagi Tort (3" frag) - Sold Flame Thrower Chalice (2.5" frag) - Sold Pick up in Ajax.
  4. Saltwater Livestock
    Handful of devil's hand frags, probably 4-5, some on rocks. Take them all! Free but a cup of coffee would be nice. Pickup downtown by Bay and College after 5:30pm. First come first serve. PM your number and available pickup time.
  5. Hardware and Dry Goods
    120 G Frag tank w/ Stand for sale Dims 5'x3'x1' Braced with glass at both ends and in the middle. Drilled with 1 x 1" hole $300 5' MH fixture 12000K bulbs comes with additional 3 bulbs new = $100 60g Breeder (no middle brace great for sump) = $40
  6. Saltwater Livestock
    Hi I am looking for one or two frags of purple monti. Please let me know if you have one for sale. My location is in Markham. Thanks
  7. Saltwater Livestock
    Lots of corals for sale today and I have more growning out. Pic 1: Birdsnest Frag $5 SOLD Pic 2: Birdsnest Frag $5 SOLD Pic 3: 2 Polyp Neon Green & Purple Zoanthid $15 Pic 4: 1 Polyp Armour of God Palythoa $10 Pic 5: #3 5 Polyp Armour of God Palythoa $30 (3 large heads, 2 small) Pic 5: #4 6...
  8. Saltwater Livestock
    Hello i am interested in getting some large sps colonies for my tank, i am looking for corals such as montipora digitata, birdsnest (teal,pink,green..any color), or any stylophora/pocillopora/porites. I am also interested in any photosynthetic gorgonians and large leather coral colonies...
  9. Saltwater Livestock
    1 Rose Nebula Frag available, 20+ polyps, 25$.
  10. Saltwater Livestock
    hello, I just want to see if anybody has a very large birdsnest colony that they would be willing to sell? if so plz msg me
  11. Saltwater Livestock
    What you see is what you get!!!!! Photos was taken under 2 ATI coral plus PICKUP ONLY - location 401 and Mavis, Mississauga Frag Pack (SR-0088) WYSIWYG Get all 8 frags for $150.00 Coral list in no particular order; - Purple Dragon - ORA Bird of paradise - SR cotton candy - Tyree ponape...
  12. Saltwater Livestock
    For sale are Kenya Tree frags from my colony. I can get more frags if needed from the colony than what's already posted. Pick-up around L4A 0K2. Click on picture for price.
  13. Saltwater Livestock
    Hi i have a few items i would like to get rid of. heres a list. Fish: -1 Percula Clownfish. 30$ Will host anemones .. Currently upsetting a gonniopora. -1 Purple Bicolour Blenny with Yellow Forming on the tail. 40$ Coral Frags: -Radioactive Dragon Eye Zoas 2$ PP -Eagle Eye Zoas...
  14. Saltwater Livestock
    UPDATED SPS Frag Pack - WYSIWYG What you see is what you get!!!!! Photos was taken under 2 ATI coral plus + 4 ATI Blue Plus PICKUP ONLY - location 401 and Mavis, Mississauga GONE! Frag Pack (SR-052) similar frag pack available Get all 10 frags for $100.00 Coral list in no particular...
  15. Saltwater Livestock
    $30 or trade for zoos or other coral frags. Nice and healthy. Is in my sump right now so easy to get off glass. Can add an additional baby for $20 more. Pic is of ones I have, but not maybe the specific one you'll get.
  16. Saltwater Livestock
    I have the following frags available for prices listed, or take them all for $100 cash and you will save $30. Please note that I had my hands in tank messing around, so some polyps may not be all the way open on corals shown, and colors are better in person. Located in Burlington. neon GSP frag...
  17. Saltwater Livestock
    I have several frags available for $10 each, but if you buy 4, get one free. Also have xenia $5 unmounted stocks. I have more frags than shown, so you can check them out when here. I will also accept trades if you have something that I don't already have. Located on Lakeshore Rd, Burlington...
  18. Saltwater Livestock
    Just selling a few of my frags off, also open to trades if it is something I want/need. my frag rack Bright green plate frag $10 Green pally frag $5 Pulsing Xenia $10 each mounted on rubble, or $5 ea for clipping GSP & pally's on rubble $15 Random SPS frag, great grower, easy coral...
  19. General Marine Discussion
    Is there anyone else going to this event on July 28th in Vaughan? Im gonna be going there to check it out and hoping to pick up a few things myself.. would be interested in seeing what everyone's opinions are and if they are gonna be attending
1-19 of 31 Results