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  1. Freshwater Livestock
    A lot of my guppy fries are turning out to be male. I don't have other tanks to put them in and I would like to give them good homes before the aggression really takes over. 3 x full grown 2 x juveniles They are currently in a 25G cycled (almost 10 years) planted tank. Pick up at Fairview...
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  2. Freshwater Livestock
    FREE, FREE .... Ramshorn snails. take all please. located Markham/Lawrence area Scarborough. i am sure i can get well over 100.
    $1 CAD
  3. Freshwater Livestock
    Unfortunately I can no longer house these two. I have the wrong ph level in my tank and I feel really bad about just now noticing it. They may have a few health problems (nothing contagious) Just lower immune system and I believe one has a blind eye. I really hope that I can find them a good...
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  4. Hardware and Dry Goods
    Hey guys, I am fully swapping to LED and have a bunch of old equipment that I want to find a home for. All of it works. Needs a dusting. I have 2 250w dual ballasts, 2 giant 24"x24" reflectors with sockets, a single 4' reflector with sockets and all of my old (still working) MH bulbs (all...
  5. Sold / Expired
    Pearl Gourami pair, 2 silver blue dwarf gouramis, 1 fire red dwarf gourami, 4 male pineapple swordtails, 1 female pineapple swordtail, 3 Siamese algae eaters, 1 panda corydora, 1 orange fin corydora. Newmarket Area Northern GTA delivery possible.
  6. Freshwater Livestock
    Hi _ I-m an elementary school teacher librarian who inherited a pleco with the job..."Edward" is now about 4 or 5 inches + tail, common Pleco, I think, and I need to get him out of the school library due to quarantine of undetermined length! I can bring him home and set up aquarium if need be...
  7. Hardware and Dry Goods
    Gone gone! Thanks for looking
  8. Freshwater Plants
    25+ cuttings First come first serve for pick up
  9. Freshwater Livestock
    1 Siamese Algae Eater & 2 Silver Flying Fox (Crossocheilus reticulatus) GONE [GONE TO Yamala] I have 1 Siamese Algae Eater and 2 Sliver Flying Foxes (Crossocheilus reticulatus) I am trying to rehome. They are free if you take all three together. Approx. 8 cm in length. I've included some...
  10. Freshwater Livestock
    Free, to a good home: 1 albino long-donned bristlenose pleco, likely female(no bristles) 1 regular bristlenose pleco, likely female(no bristles) 2 true Siamese algae eaters 2 or 3 yoyo loaches -proven snail eradicators Possibly, 1 kuhli loach I've had this tank for 9 years now, and I've gone...
  11. Freshwater Livestock
    Lots of Ramshorn snails for free. Use to help clean your tank, or use as feeders for Assassin snails or fish.
  12. Saltwater Livestock
    I'm giving away a small and healthy mono argentus saltwater fish. Recently, the other fish have started chasing him so he has a few nips on the fins that will heal up. He's free but I'm running out of dry fish food for my clown fish so if you have some to give me in return that would save me a...
  13. Hardware and Dry Goods
    1 x Hydor Koralia Circulation and Wave Pump 1 x Heater 1 x Box of Water Polishing Pad (Not Full) 1 x Tap Water Conditioner (Not Full) 1 x Nutrafin Max Tropical Fish Food (Not Full) 1 x Surge Protector 1 x Water Pump (The thing to remove water from the tank - doesn't work too well haha) 1 x...
  14. Freshwater Livestock
    Hey Everyone, I am giving away my 3" Red Frontosa & 2 3" Plecos (The Common Ones). I have been at university and my parents have been taking care of them, the tank condition since I left has declined drastically and they deserve a better home. First come first serve Shoot me an email...
  15. Sold / Expired
    Happy New Year everyone! :) I have a brown tang, healthy and a pig at feeding time. He is too aggressive for my tank and was hoping someone could give him a good home and put him in his place. lol I'm leaving to Banff on Wed. so if I can't get this fish a new home I think he will be going...
  16. Sold / Expired
    Moving away, and can't take these guys with me. I've raised them from when they came out of the mothers, so they're technically all brother/sister/cousin. It'd be good if you could mix them in with your own Endlers, just so there'll be genetic diversity. I think there are about 20 fish, but I...
1-17 of 67 Results