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  1. Hardware and Dry Goods
    Here's a link to the manufacturer's website product details: Gently used. No leaks. No cracks. Looks brand new. $300. I have it stored in my garage, and it's a bit of a hassle to take it out, so...
  2. Hardware and Dry Goods
    Hey guys, I want to buy a used 100 gallon aquarium & a metal stand to. I need it delivered to Niagara-on-the-Lake. Willing to drop $50 on delivery. Not interested in anything that's drilled or modified. I've only ever kept freshwater fish & turtles, so I don't think I need something that's...
  3. Hardware and Dry Goods
    Hi all, I have 2 x 55 gallon tanks for sale. I'm redoing my fishroom and wife wanted half the basement for kids playroom area, so i'm moving out some tanks to accomodate this. I will give preference to someone who takes both tanks 1st as i want to limit amount of people coming to house...
  4. Hardware and Dry Goods
    LF: 20 Gallon long + stand Looking for a 20 long with a stand. Must also come with a light and canopy/lid because its going to be a shrimp tank. Also interested in a cube tank around the same gallons.
  5. Hardware and Dry Goods
    Found, please close
  6. Sold / Expired
    !!!!!!SOLD!!!!! Hello All I have a 120 gallon bow front with rounded front corners for sale. I purchased this tank and stand from someone on this site 2 years ago. Now I will pass it on as I am upgrading to a 220 gallon. The pictures listed were taken today........ For Sale: Display Tank 120...
  7. Freshwater Photos
    My 10 Gallon Marble Halfmoon Betta Aquarium.
  8. Sold / Expired See full ad and details here :) ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Pickup near...
  9. Sold / Expired
    I will be moving in the near future and have been thinking of selling my current system and then building a larger system once settled in at the new place. My system has been up for a year and is in good running condition. Below is a list of what it included. Several people from here and AP have...
  10. Sold / Expired
    $240 for pick-up only. Aquarium is in excellent condition (and it looks great). I have put in a lot of effort into this tank but need to make room in my condo. Features: - 29-gallon tall, measures 24"x12"x24" - black stand with shelves and doors for clean look - Eclipse hood with cycled...
  11. Planted Tank Photos
    75 Gallon Planted Community Tank (VIDEO) So my father and I have had this 75G tank project going for a year now, so I thought it was time to update my aquarium video sharing friends on the tanks progress. Basically the goal my father set out was to create a lush jungle with a large number and...
  12. Sold / Expired
    i am looking to trade my 10 gallon aquarium with heater and filter for a 15 gallon aquarium.(does not need heater or filter) if traded i would like the 15 gal. to have more length than hight. the 10 gal. includes 1 Elite heater 1 Top Fin filter 1 large seashell
1-13 of 13 Results