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  1. Plants & Cultivation
    So i have a pond with 20 feeder goldfish that i rescued from a local fish store, in that pond i have some frogbit. I recently saw some of the fish started to nipping the roots of the frogbit, will the forgbit survive in that pond?
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    We have three beautiful goldfish for rehoming in loving and caring hands. Please, message for details. Thank you
  3. Hardware and Dry Goods
    System: • Separate mechanical and biological filtration for each unit • Completely self-contained units help prevent spreading of disease Features: • 160-gallon capacity • Durable, double-walled polyethylene construction • Bright blue colour, allowing fish to be viewed easily • Built in...
  4. Freshwater Livestock
    2 Roseline / Denison Barbs I am moving to Australia in December and wanted to get started early on finding a good home for my community goldfish tank. These are everything that's available. If you need more pictures feel free to let me know. Livestock: 3 Ranchu Goldfish: 1 Orange | 1 Calico |...
  5. Freshwater Livestock
    Two 5-6" Large Ranchu Goldfish [SOLD] Both are quite large, healthy and voracious eaters. Please ignore any algae as the tank is about to be redone which is why I am selling them. You must have experience with goldfish before I can sell these two you. Orange 6" Ranchu SOLD [1 1/2 Years Old]...
  6. Hardware and Dry Goods
    Hello, I've got a few extra tins of Nutrafin Basix Goldfish Flakes (48g). All brand new and sealed. Expiry date is April 2019 I'm in Mississauga, text 647 285 0180 if interested. Retails for $5. Check link if interested in the composition...
  7. Freshwater Livestock
    10" Male Shubunkin Goldfish [Red/Orange/White Coloration] - REHOMED I have a 10" long Male tank raised Shubunkin Goldfish that is about 1.5 years old. He is currently in a 130 gallon tank but I am looking to rehome him. GONE He's in excellent health, eats pellets, brine shrimp, blackworms and...
  8. Freshwater Livestock
    No longer availiable
  9. Sold / Expired
    I have 3 Shubunkin Goldfish. One is Black, Two are Blue. They were born Early August to two of my three Shubunkin Adults unexpectedly. Approx 6", very healthy, eat (Saki-Hikari, North Fin & Omega) I'm looking to re-home them, I'm more concerned they go to someone who knows what they are doing...
  10. Freshwater Livestock
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  11. Freshwater Livestock
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  12. General Freshwater Discussion
    Hello, one of the goldfish I am looking after has a reddish 'bump' on it's side and I was wondering if any fellow hobbyist might be able to identify it and offer any suggestions on treatment. The tank is a well established tank that's been running for a few years. Water parameters are 0 ammonia...
  13. Hardware and Dry Goods
    i got about 4 big cans 3 are unopened. will trade with cichlids , plecos , loaches located in brampton
  14. Introductions & Greetings
    Hello GTA Aquaria members! I'm a big goldie fan, and looking forward to meeting all of you and seeing the great tank set-ups! Funny enough, all my goldfish interaction right now is via my webcomic (Bob & Charlie) and... an empty tank! I've been fishless cycling for about three and a half weeks...
  15. Beginner's Circle
    I have a problem/dilemma. I keep thinking about weaning myself down from 4 tanks to 3. I actually merged my 29 and my 10. So in the 29 I now have a gourami, Apollo, 2 zebra danio, 3 black skirt, 2 shrimp, and a clown pleco. In my 50, there is no change. Just my large goldfish and a pleco...
  16. Freshwater Livestock
    Hi anyone know of somewhere I might be able to locate or order 1 or 2 depending on size and price Grade A Sakura "cherry blossom" Ranchu's? Thanks,
  17. Sold / Expired
    Hi Everyone, I got 3, what i believe to be, Comet and a Fancy Goldfishes up for sale/trade I have no price or trade item in mind, so just PM me an offer and we'll talk I love these guys, but i want to move into more tropical fish types and can't do it with my goldies the two big goldfish...
  18. Sold / Expired
    Looking for some Quality Ranchus, Ryukins, Telescope Eyes, and Orandas. Or does anyone know which petstores that sells nice goldfishes please reply to this :) -Eric
  19. Beginner's Circle
    Hi everyone I am new to the forum. I need help for my 100g (i think) tank. I have 5 redcap goldfish and 3 neon tetra and few windelov Java fern. Bottom of tank is ~1" fine gravel (5-8mm) a marineland 400 filter. I had clear bottom before and every thing looks ok. After I add the gravel in the...
1-19 of 29 Results