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  1. Freshwater Livestock
    A lot of my guppy fries are turning out to be male. I don't have other tanks to put them in and I would like to give them good homes before the aggression really takes over. 3 x full grown 2 x juveniles They are currently in a 25G cycled (almost 10 years) planted tank. Pick up at Fairview...
    $0 CAD
  2. Fresh Water
    2 Month old Guppies, healthy parents, clean tank water at 75 to 80 degrees Celcius 2$ dollars minimum 5. Good Breeders Will 416 278 4959
  3. Hardware and Dry Goods
    Items 2 x 10g tanks (1 with lid, 1 without) 1 x 5.5g rimless tank Planted LED lighting for all tanks Air Pump with 3 sponge filters 2 heaters Api Freshwater test kit (barely used) Various decorative rocks Titan industrial rack Livestock Guppies (assorted) Ramshorn snails (blue/pink/brown) I...
  4. Freshwater Livestock
    Hello! As title suggests I have assorted cherry shrimp for sale: Red cherries x $1.00 each Wilds x $0.50 each I've got some pumpkins, Red Rilis and Blues also available in limited quantities. Guppies are assorted colors, qualities and ages. Mother is yellow cobra and dad is red dragon...
  5. Introductions & Greetings
    It is hard to find other halfmoon breeders so let's show off what we are working on shall we? Even if you don't have any guppies ready to sell you can still show off the parents!
  6. Freshwater Livestock
    I have lots of guppies. $1 each or will swap. I’m located at Danforth and Broadview in Toronto.
  7. Site Help and Suggestions
    Unknown bucephalandra. I don’t know the name of this buce, but it is really big and the colours are really nice. I’m pretty sure it’s really rare. Selling it for $50. I also have buce montleyana for $20 each. Please message 4379806301 for more details.
  8. Freshwater Livestock
    Gold Blonde Metallic Lower Sword Guppy. $25 per trio. Very stable & strong line. Throws 99% true to type. Brought into Canada by Jane Handley from England to a TCGG guppy show in Burlington, On. & that's where I managed to acquire them. I am an active member of TCGG -...
  9. Freshwater Livestock
    Looking exclusively for this strain for my planted tank. If anyone is breeding them or can ship in a trio or so let me know. Thank you :)
  10. Freshwater Livestock
    SOLD Large group of yellow / gold guppies for sale. I have about 15 adults and lots of juveniles (over 30?). I bought these at Menagerie about 9 months ago. They've bred lots and are super healthy. I do 80% water changes once a week and feed high quality flakes and freeze dried black worms...
  11. Freshwater Livestock
    Pure line Purple Moscows, I've been breeding them for a year now it's time to start selling off some of the population. The original parents were obtained from a U.S breeder. Pairs $35 Trios $50 Platinum Blue Grass> Pure line, high fin variety, always throws out blue, NEVER REDS... Pairs $35
  12. Freshwater Livestock
    Tiger Endlers (Pureline) NEW PRICE! 10 for $20 "Pure strain" TIger Endlers for sale... Been breeding them for awhile now to perfect their colours... Males are consistently bright metallic yellow with silverish marking and dark bluish/black saddle and stripes.... 10 for $20 Will trade for...
  13. Freshwater Livestock
    Need to free up my couple of my aquariums so selling off a couple of my lines of guppies. Hi-fin Red Grass 6 males - 15+ females, (trios for $25 or take the whole group plus 50+ fry for $150) Platinum Blue Grass (First Picture)- 2 males 2 females with 20+ juveniles and fry All for $100 Pick...
  14. Freshwater Livestock
    4 Green Cobra Guppies (Male) I've got 4 Green Cobra Guppies (all male) for sale. They're healthy. Their tails have a bit of damage, but not more than I see in stores. Please see the photos (they're more yellow than green in my opinion). I'll let all 4 go for $7.50 (less than half of what you'd...
  15. Sold / Expired
    Hello, I've recently moved and can no longer adequately care for my fish. Should have 6 clown loaches ranging from 2 inch to 6 inch in size, a few guppies and 3 L144s. They're a little skittish currently due to my move, so might be a little difficult to catch. If you're interested in any of...
  16. Freshwater Livestock
    Guppy - RREA Albino Red Delta & more List of Guppies: Young Pairs (3-5 months old) Albino RREA Red Delta Guppy $10.00 per pair or $25.00 for 3 pairs --0 Pairs Avail Juvies growing out now, should be avail Sept-Nov Red Cobra HD Guppy $8.00 per pair or $20.00 for 3 pairs --3 Pairs Avail...
  17. Freshwater Livestock
    Selling my Japanese line of Grass guppy... I have about 6 adults left and numerous fry.. Selling the 6 adults together (3 males 3 females) for $45 Flexible on price though.. Make an offer. Fry are $2 ea.
  18. Sold / Expired
    Morning All, I am being over run with Guppies..... you can have as many as you like, just make me a reasonable offer. I have various types including, Tuxedo, Tuxedo Leopard, Cobra etc. Lots of males, females, juvies, fry.... need these gone sooner than later. thanks Homy
  19. Sold / Expired
    I am looking for some regular adult fancy guppies, if anyone has any please PM me.
  20. Sold / Expired
    Looking for some red swordtails to mix with my current 2 year old group. Hi-fin, Lyre tail and/or Albino gene would be also nice to have. Looking for red gold guppies to mix with my current 2 year group too. Albino gene would be nice to have. Also willing to swap to add to the mix of my...
1-20 of 44 Results