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  1. General Marketplace Discussion
    An exceptional Red Haddoni seen at Sea U Marine (SUM) today. Approx. 6 inches in diameter. Like a Ferrari or Aston Martin; If you have to ask the price....... Contact the store directly for details.
  2. Fish and Coral
    You're never going to believe this. I have had the fortune/opportunity? to come across what may be the largest carpet anemone I have ever seen in (hobbyist) captivity. The fact that it is red is an added bonus. :cool: As always, it's a long and complex story of how I came across this specimen...
  3. General Marketplace Discussion
    For those that are interested; NAFB (North American Fish Breeders) on Kingston Road has a huge blue/purple carpet anemone that came in a few days ago. It's approx. 14" in diameter.....ruffled and partially open. It appears to be healthy and has firmly planted its foot deep withing the sand bed...
  4. Marine Photography
    Apparently there is a niche market for 'acclimated/established' carpet anemones.....if that makes any sense. Out of the few that I've had the fortune to come across - 1 didn't make it past the one month mark in my care. It happens. I share my failures along with my successes. No need to hide it...
  5. General Marketplace Discussion
    .....Psssst.....Aqautic Kingdom received a shipment from Sri Lanka. Fat anemones (Haddoni)..... 2 RED Carpet Anemones 1 Blue Carpet Anemone Several Rich Green/Neon Carpet Anemones.....
  6. General Marine Discussion
    Finally tracked a nice healthy one down. It's super sticky with a tight oral disc and thick turgid stalk/base. I was fortunate enough to place it in a spot where it may be happy and not wander too much(for now) causing potential havoc. I stayed up all night fixated and watching it slowly...
1-6 of 6 Results