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  1. Hardware and Dry Goods
    With some recent renovations to our home and a baby on the way - I had to make the tough decision to tear down my Saltwater Aquarium system. The system is just about a year old, and I have invested in top of the line equipment which totals to around $10k in value - all of which is now being...
    $0 CAD
  2. For Sale 165W LED lights

    Hardware and Dry Goods
    Selling because I'm shutting down my reef aquarium. Hard corals used to thrive under these.
    $120 USD
  3. Hardware and Dry Goods
    Ai prime 16 HD exc cond with rigid mount. 1 year old, needs lens to be replaced, new lens included and comes with box. $150.
    $150 CAD
  4. Buy, Sell & Trade
    So my fish are at my ex's. they are the coolest lol not just saying that i can pet my weather loaches. anyways she cant change the water for some reason so they are dieing off. i got 4 weather loaches, a pleco, chinese algae eater, couple cory dorys, 2 black skirted tetras, 3 glo fish, 3...
  5. Buy, Sell & Trade
    All this has to go ASAP. $40 for the lot- Or Best Offer. (Must take all of it.) Mixed filter media, mixed decor, planter boxes for inside aquarium, snail trap, aquarium salt, 3 heaters, 2 feeding stations, Air pumps, LED time controller (never used), 2 AC/DC adapters (never used), Eheim 2217...
  6. Hardware and Dry Goods
    I've attached pictures of what is available. I do require 1-2 week for me to receive it. Please message me on facebook with a model number for price and details!
  7. Buy, Sell & Trade
    Selling reef angel controllers 1 new and 1 used also have 10 different add ons all bnib. Selling some Rapid led diy moon light kits and ballasts also selling refugium lights by rapid led. Selling other various reef equipment I have almost anything so if you need something just ask
  8. Hardware and Dry Goods
    For Sale: 2 x Ecotech XR30 arms Condition: Mint (Used for 5 months) This is perfect for your G3 or G4 Radion. Come with Original box and accessories. Originally bought from Canada Coral. If interested, I can txt you photos. Have original online purchase confirmation as proof. $100 each
  9. Hardware and Dry Goods
    Light and ARM SOLD, thanks for all interest. Ecotech Radion XR30W G3 Pro plus matching arm It works perfectly. It is currently connected to my reef link. Light come with original box, manual, narrow and wide TIR lens, hanging accessories Arm come with three size extensions to fit different...
  10. Hardware and Dry Goods
    2 SOLD , 1 LEFT (PRICE REDUCED) I have 3 Ecotech Radion G3 Pro XR30W for sale. Two are being used on my display tank and One is being used on my nano tank. They are all in great conditions and connected to my reef link. They were setup and never taken down. Qtips maintenance were done on them...
  11. Hardware and Dry Goods
    Selling my tank in parts but can do better deals if you buy stuff together. Here's what I got: 1 Reef Breeders Value LED Fixture and light fixture hanger: $150 2 Hydor Koralia Nano 425:SOLD 1 AquaClear 50 Power Filter (with box): $40 70 lb Ocean Direct Live Oolite live sand: $50 1 Jager Heater...
  12. Hardware and Dry Goods
    Brand new - (20 inch setup) This new T5 Quad light fixture is the newest available by Odyssea. Fixture is fitted with 4 T5 HO fluorescent lamps and LED night lights. The new design features a clear flippable bracket that is more sturdy and secure compared to the extendable brackets. Best of all...
  13. General Marketplace Discussion
    A large variety of aquarium equipment on sale. Check some out at Many more in store!!
  14. Hardware and Dry Goods
    Durham / Downtown Toronto - PM All - used, good condition, in original packaging. $180 Current USA Orbit Marine Aquarium LED Light, 24 to 36-Inch, ramp up timer + remote control $25 - SOLD BOYU Clip-On LED Light White & Blue, moonlight mode (2 available)
  15. Hardware and Dry Goods
    Aquarium LED Controller with touch screen. It has: - 8 dimable channels, - 8 power lines - Temperature Controller - PH controller - ORP controller - 4 water level sensors - bunch of timers - can control a dosser Asking $150, one month trial period. After one month - money back if do not like it...
  16. Hardware and Dry Goods
    Selling my 29g biocube with black stand. Cube is rimless but does have a cover for it if you choose to use it. Comes with an LED light. Return pump is a maxijet 1200. Has the hydro flow rotator and a 425gph powerhead. Has live rock in the tank plus small pieces in the refugium compartment. Has...
  17. Equipment
    Just posted this on the marine section. These lights have been used for planted fresh water tanks with great success:
  18. Equipment
    Guys, I found this thread on CHEAP LED lighting - it's running close to a year now. These guys have bought LED flood lights from ebay and are having great success. They have had success with fresh water tanks too. The kicker - they are 4-10x cheaper than the current alternatives out there...
1-18 of 18 Results