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  1. Hardware and Dry Goods
    All sold. Thanks everyone for their interest. Please delete thread.
  2. Hardware and Dry Goods
    fixture and bulbs 6 months old excellent cond $700 or BO
  3. Hardware and Dry Goods
    New Glo T5 HO Double Fixture & Bulbs + Fluval Lab Series Nitrate Remover & Opti-Carb Hi everyone, This ad is almost identical to one I posted a few weeks ago. At that time I was selling a 48" fixture and bulbs, and I sold it, but cleaning out my basement yesterday I came across a 36" version...
  4. Hardware and Dry Goods
    Got a brand new 6 foot(72") light fixture. $250 obo. HQI Metal Halide figure with compact fluorescent and lunar lights. 3 150 watt 10,000K HQI double ended metal halide. 4 96 watt true actinic 03 blue compact fluorescence.
  5. Hardware and Dry Goods
    -Lightly used Aquaticlife 48 " T5 High output lighting fixture -Uses 48 " T-5 Bulbs 54 watts $80 Paid $230
  6. Hardware and Dry Goods
    Still in great condition. Comes with 4 bulbs, 1 white, 3 actinic. Bulbs are about 4 months old, fixtures are about 1 year old. $100 for both.
  7. Hardware and Dry Goods
    30" Coralife Saltwater Light fixture Excellent Condition 3 Years old Replaced ballasts last year 2x 65 Watts compact fluorescent 1x Antinic Blue 460nm 1x Full Spectrum 10K 2x 5W Blue LED separate switches for main lights and moonlights Blubs replaced end of February 2014 stopped using fixture...
  8. Plants & Cultivation
    Hello everyone I have recently purchased and set up a awesome 144 gallon half circle aquarium. I would like to do a planted tanked now but am unsure what lighting system to use or what would be sufficient to grow a wide variety of plants in a freshwater aquarium. Doing my research I am getting...
  9. Sold / Expired
    Metal halides 500w $150 Hey guys, I got MH 250x2 watt fixture, the brand name is Weipro. It comes with the metal strings suspension. There are actinic led on the side but they don't work but both fixtures are working like a clock! I got 3-4 months left on the bulbs, they are I think 14000k...
  10. Equipment
    This is my conundrum: This counter is currently the best place to put this gorgeous tank. As you can see, that poses a lighting problem. There is no room for the lamp that I have to go above the...
  11. Toms Fish Inc.
    Fixture only been in use about half yr bought brand new about yr ago with 2 actinic and 10 000K bulbs. PM me if interested. $200 firm. Kennedy and 401 east pickup only.
  12. Sold / Expired
    AWESOME fixture, however getting a upgrade in a week. Recently upgraded my tank to a sweet 72G 48" long tank (thanks greg! Loving the tank). The light is currently set-up for fresh water (6700k and rose), but don't worry I saved the salt water bulbs (10k/460/purple/the one that starts with an...
  13. Sold / Expired
    Marineland LED aquarium light. 42 white LEDs + 3 blue LEDs Good for aquariums up to 30". Ideal for freshwater, saltwater and sump. I bought it March 4th. 11 months warranty left. Works perfect. Changed to T5HO. Retail price 49.99$ + tax Asking 35$ - I can deliver in GTA
  14. Sold / Expired
    Great condition!!! 48 inches 2x 6500k bulbs 8 months old bulbs and comes with 2 extra 6500 bulbs splash guard 99$ For all your planted needs also check out
  15. Sold / Expired
    I have a Coralife 48" NO T5 light for sale. Was using it up until this afternoon, very bright $75 firm or will trade for Discus fry.
  16. Sold / Expired
    The FX5 is sold. One fixture left! Hey guys, been awhile! Just cleaning up and selling a few things. I have three Marineland Double Brite LED fixtures for sale. They are all in excellent condition. They are the 3ft to 4ft versions so they fit perfectly on a 3ft tank but have legs that...
  17. Sold / Expired
    For sale Coralife Aqualight fixture. The fixture has two 65 watt actinic and two 65 watt 12,000k daylight compact fluorescent lamps. The fixture has separate power cords for the actinic and daylight lamps. The lights and everything is in excellent condition although I think the lamps may need to...
  18. Sold / Expired
    Hi Guys, I'm kind of new on this forum :p I have a (Excellent Condition) 30" Dual T5HO Light Fixture With Bulbs For Sale WITH An Extra Brand New In Box Life-Glo Bulb. Specs Of Fixture: - Brand --> Current Nova Extreme T5 High Output X2 - Fixture Is 30" Long - Housing Two 24 Watt T5 High...
1-20 of 21 Results