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  1. Toms Fish Inc.
    Lots of Java and Riccia for sale. $5 a generous portion.
  2. Sold / Expired
    I have some Vallisneria corkscrew live plants to share. This species has a spiral leaves and does not grow high. Its maximum height is 14" It propagates via runners. Usually you can leave it alone and just remove some excessive plants from time to time. It needs medium or high light. Pick...
  3. Beginner's Circle
    I just added some Fluval Substrate to my 10 gal tank and my fishes' color was really affected. My galaxy danio which to this point has been silver, translucent finally darkened and spots stand out. Also my neons are more vibrant. I am guess that the the nutrients in the substrate also help...
  4. Sold / Expired
    SOLD !!! Look at this my add:
1-4 of 5 Results