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  1. Hardware and Dry Goods
    Never been used in a tank, I have almost 14 pounds of Caribsea life rock. Perfect for saltwater tanks,100% pest free. I got it when I thought I would set up a marine take but didn’t end doing a tank. One of the stones is the “shroom” style, with a flat side for frags. This shroom stone alone...
    $75 CAD
  2. Saltwater Livestock
    14 gallon BioCube with high-power /advanced retrofit LED lights and cabinet stand for sale. Comes with all the livestock, sand, live rock, snails, hermit crabs, corals and fish. Fish included a dwarf angel, Nemo clownfish, bicolor blenny, and Royal Gramma. Lots of corals include a torch...
    $600 CAD
  3. Hardware and Dry Goods
    Have dry rock for sale a few small pieces but most are medium to x large take a look at the pic for an idea lots of different pieces $2/lbs
  4. Beginner's Circle
    Hello! I am just starting to collect all the elements to start up my NUVO 50 Lagoon tank and am stuck on whether I should buy dry live rock online or go to the Big Al's (Missisauga) near my house and buy some wet live rock? I have only ever had freshwater tanks and am worried about cycling my...
  5. Saltwater Livestock
    SOLD! Thanks for your interest. I will be selling the balance of my stuff after this isolation mode we are in slows down or stops. Closing down the AQ Variety of rock Approx 40 lb - $1.50 per lb or best offer Would prefer it all goes at once.
  6. Hardware and Dry Goods
    For sale is a 1/2" acrylic tank used for SW but can also be used for FW selling for $250 obo Drilled with 2 1.5" internal overflow boxes. measurements are 72"w x 24"h x 32"d used for years, no leaks, needs a good vinegar bath to get remove the dried coraline. Renovating the basement and am...
  7. Saltwater Livestock
    50 Gallon Cube Aquarium Stand Sump Protein Skimmer - Reef octopus Heater circulation Fans (3) UV Sterilizer Approx 30lbs of live rock Live Sand Frozen Food - Leftover Dry Food - Leftover Currently have 3 Damsels in there 3/4 Box of Salt Henna Checker, Nets and more *Does not come with AI Light...
  8. Equipment
    50 Gallon Cube Aquarium Stand Sump Protein Skimmer - Reef octopus Heater circulation Fans (3) UV Sterilizer Approx 30lbs of live rock Live Sand Currently have 3 Damsels in there 3/4 Box of Salt Henna Checker,vNets and more *Does not come with AI Light Shutting the tank down No Delivery -...
  9. Saltwater Livestock
    Have about 20 lbs of live rock. All wet sitting in my sump. Did a rescape with dry rock and have no need for this anymore. Some have zoas left on them (everlasting gobstobers/ vamps), leathers and some you'll need to clean off the tubes. Asking $40 or trade for LPS or pretty much any frag...
  10. Hardware and Dry Goods
    OCT 7 SOLD ITEMS UPDATED. STILL LOTS LEFT. MOVING SALE For those have been to my home and viewed my setup, you know how much I love this hobby and how immaculate my setup is. Pristine maintenance. Everything is in like-new condition. I’ve gone through everything and following is what is...
  11. Saltwater Livestock
    I am in the markham area and looking for some cheap live rock for sale! :)
  12. Saltwater Livestock
    About 10lbs of live rock. 2 pieces I believe. Leftover from my friend's tank that I didn't use. May need a little scrubbing. Free. Pickup at Bay/College.
  13. Saltwater Livestock
    17-20LBS of premium Live rock $40 OBO
  14. Saltwater Livestock
    Got a new and more expensive hobby so I'm going back to freshwater just need to get rid of these last few things. Aprx. 80lbs of live rock- with assorted corals $4.50lb - without $3.50lb -there's still a firefish who refuses to be caught and a few snails left...
  15. Hardware and Dry Goods
    I have two pieces of rock for a marine tank. $25 each. They are about 10 inches by 10 inches or longer. Located at King and Bathurst.
  16. Saltwater Livestock
    Live sand $1 per lb for . Came from well established 3 year system. Mangroves $10 each, 3 for $25 tall and full of leaves. Pickup is preferred around Kennedy and 401 area. Delivery may be possible for additional charges. PM for details.
  17. Hardware and Dry Goods
    First up 2 400 watt mh pfos with bulbs and 800 watt ballast works and looks great 2nd up Coralife 18x6 uv sterilizer barley used in original box like new 3rd up 9 watt killing green machine uv sterilizer also in box 4th huge ETSS Skimmer with dual beckett's pump not included, this is for...
  18. Saltwater Livestock
    Selling 160 pounds (give or take) of premium dry live rock it is lots of nice pieces flat and building blocks from my 400 gal tear down asking only $250 for all ( thats around $160 a pound)just need a piece of rubble or 2 to seed it again! I also have tons of other reef related supplies so if...
1-18 of 42 Results