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  1. Saltwater Livestock
    SOLD! Thanks for your interest. I will be selling the balance of my stuff after this isolation mode we are in slows down or stops. Closing down the AQ Variety of rock Approx 40 lb - $1.50 per lb or best offer Would prefer it all goes at once.
  2. Saltwater Livestock
    Good Day Fellow Aquarist, Am finally shutting down my Saltwater set-up and deciding to go FRESH. That being said, I have shut don my tank over the week-end and have a bunch of great LIVE rock that I want to see go to a good home. Then it will be on to the freshie setup. I have 80 pounds of the...
  3. Freshwater Livestock
    Orange neocaridina shrimps for sale. They are dwarf freshwater shrimps that can live in any healthy tank, perfect pets for your home or office aquarium. These orange sakura shrimps are stunning especially in a planted tank. They can live and breed in any established freshwater aquarium without...
  4. Freshwater Livestock
    I'm looking for live daphnia, microworms, vinegar eels and infusoria cultures. I live in the London area but visit the GTA almost weekly. If anyone has any of these or knows where I can get some, that'd be great.
  5. Sold / Expired
    I have about 200 pounds for sale. been out of water for over a year. $3.00 per pound under 50 pounds, and we can work a deal over 50 pounds. can deliver in niagara and gta for extra. located in burlington. if you come here, you can pick and choose as you want. sorry not doing holds, too many no...
  6. General Marine Discussion
    I need about 50lbs of dry rock, I can't seem to find it anywhere. :(
  7. Sold / Expired
    live rock (PPU) GONE!!!!! I just upgraded to bigger tank, but bought too much live rock, so I am selling some off. I have maybe 30-40 lbs extra (can weigh it if it really matters). Fully cured so you can use it right away. I would be open to offers or trades for corals, GFO, reef salt, etc...
  8. Sold / Expired
    Hi, I have a nice red plant for sale. It's Rotala sp. Rotundifolia. 5 good stems for $5. Look at the pictures, they are mine. more pictures ... >> Pick up near Keele subway station. Thank you for looking.
  9. Sold / Expired
    I'm still trying to find white worms so I can start my own culture, but I didn't know they were so hard to aquire. If anyone has some for sale please let me know. Thanks
  10. General Marine Discussion
    I know it's usually not recommended but I have a bucket of sand that was from an existing system. It's been sitting in the bucket for well over a month now. Keep in mind I don't plan on using it in my tank because I've invested too much to risk it. Instead of just throwing it out, I would...
1-10 of 10 Results