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  1. Freshwater Livestock
    7" Malawi Blue Dolphin African Hap Cichlid Crytocara Moori $60 5" Aulonocara Blue Peacock $35 Pickup in Brampton near Williams Parkway and Mississauga Road
    $35 CAD
  2. Freshwater Livestock
    Hi I have a few large and rare Africans for sale. 7" show male Malawi Blue Dolphin $60 7" show male dimidiochromis compressiceps Malawi eye biter $60 5" Blue Aulonocara Peacock show male $35 5" Show Male Otopharnyx Tertistigma Intermedius $40 7" Buccochromis Rhoadesii yellow 2 females would...
    $35 USD
  3. Freshwater Livestock
    Yellow tail acei for sale, around 1 - 1.5 inches $3 each, or 5 for $10. Thanks for looking. Pictures on request.
  4. Freshwater Livestock
    Purchased at Finatics Aquarium, Mississauga at 1 inch a year ago. Still young and growing. 6" currently w/ 6 beautiful eggspots. Dominant of the batch but not aggressive. Gets along well. $25. Pls contact [email protected], if interested or msg me here. Thx.
  5. Freshwater Livestock
    Need all fish rehomed asap Everything listed for $450 All fish $300 Tank and stand* TOGETHER $200 Will trade for 40 or 45 gal LONG tank Individual prices listed below. Please bring your own bucket or bags 75g tank separately (48"x18"x21") $100 Black wooden stand separately (49"x 19"x28") $120...
  6. Freshwater Livestock
    I have the following for sale: 3-4" Adult Male Species 44 for 15 bucks each 1" Yellow Labs 4 for 12 bucks 1" Yellow Tail Acei 4 for 12 bucks 3-4" Adult Male Ruby Red/German Peacock for 20 bucks each Buy more fish and get deals. Pickup in Mississauga at Dixie and QEW. Email [email protected]
  7. Freshwater Livestock
    Mbuna juveniles for sale. $2 each or 10 for $15. text 647-766-4740 for quick response. sorry about bad pic, they move too fast and crappy camera does not do justice.
  8. Freshwater Livestock
    i have two tiger oscars for sale. need the room to move other oscar fry over. $15 for the pair. aprox1-1.5". eating cichlid flakes, blood worms and north fin pellets. pic 1 is actual fish. pic 2 are the parents with eggs. text for quick response. would also trade for peacock cichlid fry. pick up...
  9. Freshwater Livestock
    Ruby Reds African cichlids - fry and now only one mature male are available. Please see my new ad. The about Ruby Reds. The sizes and prices have changed, as well as number of fish. Ruby Reds, African Lake Malawi cichlids for sale. These African cichlids, when fully mature, will be about 5"...
  10. Freshwater Livestock
    Hello everyone, I have some fish for sell to make room. Protomelas sp. "Steveni Taiwan" (Taiwan Reef) , Male, 4", 2, $30 each Aulonocara "German Red" ,Male, 4", 2, alpha $35 , the other one $30 a small group of 4 GEOPHAGUS TAPAJOS (red head), unsex, aprox. 2.5", SOLD a group of 10 cyps...
  11. Freshwater Livestock
    Various cichlids for sale Accepting offers sorry. i'm lazy so i copied my ad from another sight....will be adding some pictures later... Location: Whitby. Thickson & Highway 2 Can offer a tank contents group price!!!!! minus Hap Ahli NEED ALL THESE FISH MOVED OUT.. WILL accept REASONABLE...
  12. Freshwater Livestock
    I have a wild pair of these up for grabs..looking to get rid of them ASAP. $100 for the pair or best offer. Will trade for Geophagus or any rare south american cichlids.
  13. Freshwater Livestock
    Just set up my 100gal and it's gonig through it's cycle process, should be ready in about a week.. Would love to purchase a good amount of Saulosi fry if anyone is breeding them within the GTA ?
  14. Sold / Expired
    AROWANA - ASKING PRICE $70.00obo Currently in a 180G looking to change my set up, its about 7-8" long perfect coloring fed hikari sticks. CLOWN KNIFE - ASKING PRICE $50.00obo Currently in a 180G - about 8-9" Diet - Hikari sticks. TAKE BOTH FOR $100.00 thank for looking
  15. Sold / Expired
    Hi I have the following African Malawi Cichlids for sale. Hap Ahli "White Blaze Iceberg" German strain FRY available in about 1 month Picture 5 is the father Picture 6 are the fry growing out. Nearing 1 inch with colour! Simply amazing strain. Absolutely no hormones. Fed with 100% NLS...
  16. Sold / Expired
    Hi all, I have 3 male blue dolphins @ 4" selling for $20 each. Also have a 6" male dolphin, asking $30. Will take cash or trade for female blue dolphins @ 4" +...... Send me a message if interested. Serious enquires only please.
1-16 of 18 Results